Undercut tattoos are trending these days

Still trying to collect some courage to get an undercut hairdo? That’s old news my friend. Undercut tattoo is the new trend of this season now!

If you really want to get something funky done then undercut tattoo is your thing. Girls if you think that this involves ink or needle then let me tell you that there is nothing like that.

An undercut tattoo is just a funky hairdo which is made by buzzing off a portion of the mane or nape, which is the most popular amongst both and shaving a pattern using an electric razor.


Under cut tattoos

Halle Berry posted a picture on Instagram showing off her lotus shaped hair tattoo on her nape. We have also seen many fashion stylists rocking this new trend and making it more popular.

According to celebrity hairstylist Rod Anker, “It’s popular among people wanting to experiment with short hair. Patterns can have variations in length and color to create some amazing results. And they grow out in a few weeks, so it’s a safe style to try.”

Getting this type of tattoo done is very economical as compared to the actual ones since the general cost of this tattoo is between Rs 500- 1,000, depending on the design. Even the touch up costs around Rs 200- 500.

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