Unconventional Ways to Celebrate this Valentine for couples

How to celebrate the valentines in unconventional ways

Well, it is February and the day for which most of the couples wait is about to come. Yes, we are talking about Valentine’s Day. But where we have been managing to get out of the fears of the Coronavirus, we believe that couples, especially those who don’t live together have had a really hard time. Hence, valentine’s day is a perfect day where couples should choose to take a pause and choose to spend time with their partners, be it virtually or physically. But, are we asking you to go on a conventional date with your partner? Well, trust us, we are not that conventional. Here are some of the alternative ways in which you can enjoy your valentine with your partner.

Unconventional Ways to Celebrate this Valentine for couples

1. Play a treasure hunt and hide the valentine gift as a treasure

Organising a treasure hunt can be really fun and will definitely be something that will keep you both hooked and excited the whole time. Design a treasure hunt for your partner, keep the gift as the treasure and be a kid for a day and enjoy the experience.

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2. Roleplay/ Role reversal

This can be a really intriguing activity to do on your valentine’s day. You and your partner can simply decide to act like your favourite fantasy couple maybe from your favourite film or series and pretend to be them for the day. Or, to make it even better, do a role reversal. Decide for a day to play and act as your partner and do all the things that your partner do and enjoy being in the shoes of each other.

3. Take a Cooking Dinner Challenge

Well, you might have made food for each other, you might have made food together, but have you ever been in competition with each other for cooking. If not, now is the time. Challenge your partner to make your favourite dish and accept the same challenge from them. Make it for each there and enjoy it together.

4. Go on a Bike ride trip

Agree or not, trips are always the best way to celebrate. Where generally, you would have preferred to go on on trips via airways or maybe the rails, plan a road trip this time, that too on a bike, and enjoy all the fun that nature puts you in.

5. Write Confession letters

Well, this one can certainly be the favourite one for those who love pouring their heart out. Write a long confession letter to your partner, and couple it with the treasure hunt activity to make things even better than ever. Enjoy the moment when your partner reads the letter.

6. Be Artistic

If you people love, take this moment to create art for each other. Sing a song, write poetry, create music, draw paintings or any other art form your partner like, give them that in the most authentic form enclosed with your love.

Well, these are some of the alternative ways in which you can celebrate your valentine. If you have some come creative idea, do less us know in the comments.

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