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Umar Khalid Booked Under UAPA, here is How Social Media Stood for their Student Leader, Umar Khalid

Voice of dissent strengthened on social media, #standwithumarkhalid became trending on twitter

Yesterday, Nabiya Khan, a protest poet, and activist, who has been firm against the CAA-NRC-NPR, tweeted marking that the voices of the youth are being heard. She writes, “despite no resources like the IT Cells of political parties, we are making our voices heard on social media. You can arrest our sathis in our fight, but you can’t suppress our voices. We are here to stay. #StandWithUmarKhalid” since #StandWithUmarKhalid became trending on Twitter.

After accusing Yogendra Yadav, Yechury, Jayati Ghosh & Apoorvanand and witch-hunting lawyers, activists, students, and other members of civil society, Umar Khalid got booked Under UAPA on Sunday which advocate, Prashant Bhushan called as “mala fide nature of its investigation into Delhi riots”.

Since then, all the political activists started showing their support for Mr. Khalid. There were pictures, there were artworks, their tweets, and poems that revolved all around the social media including Twitter and Instagram.

Kaushik Raj’s Justification to why is the arrest of Khalid not based on facts

A few hours after the arrest of Mr. Khalid, Kaushik Raj, a political activist and poet came up with the justification to why the arrest of Khalid is unlawful. Read for yourself, Kaushik’s arguments on the three charges on Khalid – Planning Riots of 8th January when the US President Donal Trump visited India, prevocational speech, and inciting violence in the private meeting was being and decide for yourself.

Rana Ayyub posted a political cartoon comparing the status of peacemaker and the one inciting violence 

Rana Ayyub, a Journalist, and many other activists posted this open-ended cartoon calling out Kapil Mishra and the goons who attacked JNU being free and the person talking about peace and low being arrested.

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Mir Suhail posted two cartoons 1) Umar Khalid behind the bars and 2) Khalid cutting the bars

Mir Suhail, a fashion designer, and political cartoonist created this artwork that revolved all around the social media and was being reposted by people showing support for Umar Khalid.

On Twitter

Prashant Bhushan posted Umar Khalid’s speech 

Prashant Bhushan posted a speech by Umar Khalid and wrote “Yeh hai Umar Khalid, jisko Delhi Dange Karwane k liye giraftaar kia gya hai. Kapil Mishra jaise log jinhone saaf danga bhadkaya unko nhi”

A Journalist at Newslaundary came up with his words before the arrest, writes on twitter “I interviewed Umar Khalid days before his arrest. He told me he had been mentally prepared for arrest since March.  “I’ll speak out even if I come out of this…today, tomorrow, or a year later — I will come out of this for sure.” said Khalid”

Dhruv Rathee expressing who is wrong and who is not

A youtube and a political activist wrote on Twitter, “Umar Khalid arrested for his alleged role in Delhi Riots. All he did was give a speech promoting unity. But these people caught on camera with weapons + inciting hate is still free. This is a new India for you. Kangana Ranaut rightly said there is no democracy in the country.” coupling it with the following pictures.

Sakib Sakharkar represents with a cartoon, how Islamophobia is prevailing in the country

To sum up, the Islamophobia existing in the country, a comical illustration remained in circulation on Twitter.

These are just a few impactful tweets which are coming in use feeds for the last 24 hours and we are likely to see the power of dissent strengthening on social media. For more updates, stay tuned.

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