Ultimate guide for men: Traits that women find attractive in men!

Check out what all women find attractive in men, here are some handy tips to impress your crush!

Attraction is the first stage of love or a relationship. Everyone looks for genuine partner in this world in order to survive, but not everyone knows how to find it. So, here are some qualities that always attract a woman! If possess these qualities that are mentioned below, then women will definitely get attracted to you. We are not speaking for the whole female species, but yes maximum number of females are attracted to men with these qualities.

Ultimate guide for men

Here are some qualities that women find attractive in men.

1. Sense of humour: Girls always like a guy who can make her laugh. Sometimes, this is a part of the personality, but sometimes it’s not. You can be very charming, but have no sense of humour. Cracking jokes every time is not a good idea but girls want someone who can laugh at himself, and laugh at life. Everyone loves to laugh!

2. Intelligence: Girls are attracted to highly intellectual guys. No girl wants to go out with a guy who merely grunts his way through a “conversation.” We want to talk about hopes and dreams… or maybe even religion and politics. When a guy knows his stuff and can hold up his end of the conversation and actually make us think, we find that really sexy. So, remember physical looks not always matter for a girl.

3. Empathy. Everyone should possess this quality. Girls want men to be able to feel what they feel. If they are having a bad day, you should not only ask her what’s going on, but tell her you understand what she is going through. She will need a shoulder to lean on. Try to understand her feelings. Always try to stay away from your instinctual need to solve her problems, and just give her some empathy.

4. Independence. Every women want their partners to be independent. Who not only earns for himself but also take decisions for himself. But not too much. What we mean here is that girls do not like needy, clingy guys. While we do want our boyfriends to show continual, genuine interest in us and want to spend time with us.

5. Good hygiene. Funniest one, but actually girls’ look after this quality. This one should be obvious, but we know many guys who just sit around their house all weekend getting greasy and stinky and do not bother to shower until Monday morning. Remember guys girls always look for good hygiene in you.

Things that women find attractive in men

6. Cleanliness. It is different from good hygiene. Girls are not your mother, so they should not have to clean up after you. It is not that hard to carry your dirty dish from the bedroom and put it into the dishwasher. Vacuum once in a while. Keep up with the dusting. These acts always impress a girl.

7. Vulnerability. There is nothing worse than a guy who just cannot open up and be vulnerable. In order to love someone, that is kind of a requirement. Sure, you can be together and have sex. But girls want a guy who genuinely, deeply cares about them and are vulnerable enough to put themselves out there. This quality is on the top of the list of what girls find attractive.

8. Emotional maturity. Girls are also attracted to mature men. Girls do not want a guy who is petty and picks fights. They want a man who can take personal responsibility and understands the important things in life. Immature behaviour is a real turn-off. This is definitely what girls find attractive. Handling situations maturely always a good quality.

9 Passion. Girls love passionate men. Even they are attracted to them. We do not just mean sexual passion although girls want that too. Girls want a guy with a passion for everything – life, his career, his family, his hobbies – and most of all, his girlfriend.

10 Physical attractiveness. This is a main ingredient in the dish. We mentioned it in the last because it is subjective. What’s attractive to one girl is not to another.

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