Uff Yeh Dilli ki Garmi: When will the Mercury Drop?

10 things you will relate to if you are currently in Delhi

The temperature in Delhi is soaring and people all across the city are saying, “Uff Yeh Garmi”.  The humid climate has become unbearable for the people of Delhi. Stepping out in sun only for 10 minutes means sweat and tan. Monsoon has not hit the city yet but the people of Delhi are eagerly waiting for it. People are circulating different memes on Delhi’s climate.  But the question is, who is actually responsible for this pathetic condition? Gone are the days when Delhi was famous for its winters. Delhi has become a dying city and its time to take action on it.

Here are 10 things you will relate to if you are currently in Delhi:

  • Stepping out of A/c is next to impossible. A mere thought of switching off Ac gives you goosebumps
  • Travelling in Public transports has become a punishment. Sweat, Sweat, and Sweat everywhere and you can’t help
  • Cold Coffee, Butter Milk, Water, Cucumber, Watermelon have become oh- so important part of your life. Can you go out without water? Hai Himmat?
  • These days every girl is having a bad hair day. Hairfall has become a particular problem
  • Chappals are your best friend because it’s too hot outside. Sandals or shoes? Big NO to them.
  • You feel like going to the office every day because of its effective AC

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  • You have canceled all your plans with your BAE because it’s too hot outside and its better you people enjoy at his place

  • You feel jealous when people post their picture saying – It’s raining here!
  • Ice cream has become rescue devi. You will find everyone buying them. “Dhoop Apke Peeche, Aap Ice cream ke peeche so much fun.”
  • Last but not the least,  Tan has become unbearable. The story of Delhi – Man, woman, and Tan

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