Uddhav Thackeray’s meeting with Shiv Sena MLAs

Uddhav Thackeray the Shiv Sena, president has met his party MLAs today in order to discuss and sort out various issues between the party and also the BJP-led government in Maharashtra, of which Sena is a part.

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Uddhav Thackery

The party has whipped in the legislature would be having a meeting with Thackeray on Monday, sources said. Monsoon session of the state Assembly is also underway.

Sena had been sulking over various issues ever since the time of joining the government. According to senior leader from Sena, “Shiv Sena leaders did not get the plum ministries or ministries which entail day-to-day contact with the common man. That has been the reason for our unhappiness in the beginning.”

“But then it was realised that the ministers of the state (from Shiv Sena) did not have enough powers and not much work was delegated to the ministers. Now the MLAs from Sena are upset because they are not being able to further push the government machinery or the ministers to get their work done,” he added.

Former Mumbai Mayor Sunil Prabhu and MLAs Ajay Chaudhari, Anil Kadam, Sanjay Shirsat, Rajesh Kshirsagar, Rajan Salvi, Shambhuraje Desai, Subhash Sabne, Pratap Sarnaik and the party group of leader in the Legislative Council Neelam Gorhe were also amongst those who met Uddhav at the party office.

After the meeting, speaking to reporters, Uddhav has said that the MLAs were raising only people’s issues and were not pressing any personal agendas so the ministers should be doing their bidding. Asked about the Sena’s MLAs’ grievances against ministers from their own party, he replied that it was the party’s internal matter.

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