6 types of friends we all have

6 types of friends we all need in our life

Friendship is the most beautiful relationship that we can have in our life. Life without friends is like tea without sugar and chips without masala. We all have friends they can be bit irritating at times, but after all, friends are friends. We all should admit that we cannot imagine our life without them. Here are 6 types that we all need in our life.

Friendship everybody should have
Friendship everybody should have

Friendship does have purpose, but having a purpose never spoils a true friendship:

Every people come in your life for a reason. People do come together to become friends for some reason nevertheless.

Instead of building friendship with random people, be likely to build connection with people who share your problems, share common values, share interests and most importantly, respects you.

We are being selective about friends because not everyone serve the purpose of being able to exchange through and feels with us.

And we need someone’s helps to clarify our minds:

We all are imperfect people and most of the time we get confused when it comes to choosing friends. Here is the list of 6 types of friends that we all should have.

A Friend who is cooler than you: We all have that one friend who is cooler than us in terms of temperament, attitude and of course in dressing sense.

Gyaan Giving Friend: Every time you talk to him or her he gives you a new gyaan. Sometimes you just wonder from where he gets this much of gyaan. Does he have any gyaan machine? Relationship, exam, job, and love life the gyaan guru is always there.

The Loyal Friend: By hook or crook they will stick to you no matter what you have to offer them?

A Nagging Friend: Every time you do something new he or she will nag you. They have problem with each and everything but they can’t leave you.

The workaholic: The one who doesn’t have time for you. For them work is everything.

The once in a blue moon friend: They will appear once in a blue moon but will completely steal the show.

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