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Types of Female Employees every workplace has

Women’s presence in the organization does add charm to the workplace!

Don’t you think different types of people make the workplace too much lively. It is often observed that women in leadership positions directly correlates with the success of a company. Having more women in the workplace actually makes an organization a better place to work in. If you are an office going person, then you may have an idea to the types of people one encounter at a workplace. If you look closely and observe, your workplace could be filled with different types of people who fall under certain categories.

Here are the different types of female Types of Female Employees you will encounter in every organization

1. Always Cheerful

After a long weekend when all you want to do is to complain about the number of pending works, your cheerful colleague helps you to hit your Monday blues and get back your mood to work.

2. Sorry, I was stuck in a traffic

Every organization has such a person and everybody knows them if you don’t then you are one of that person! They are never punctual. In your workplace, this person is usually always late and reports well past the reporting time. This person is always found running into meetings or conferences after they have begun and you will generally find them out of breath.

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3. The dedicated Workaholics

These are the set of people who have considered office their only home. They will reach office on time and will leave after everybody leaves. They are glued to their chairs and you will hardly see them leaving their desk even for a break.

4. The Chatterbox

The gossipmonger at the workplace has a different level of a fan base. You will never find them seated at a single place, they will always be found hovering all around the office to collect and share their gossip with others.

5. The Show stopper

This person is a treat to an eye for everybody. She is the woman who kills by her looks. She stands out of the crowd and is the most admirable figure of the organization.

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