8 Types of Earrings that every woman should own!

Types of Earrings: Earrings every woman must have in her collection

Contrary to popular belief, earrings are not just an accessory. They are more like an extension of one’s personality. This is why women love their earrings so much and can never dream to part ways with them.

But, if you are just beginning your love affair with earrings, you probably don’t know where to start. Should you look at the design, colour or metal type?

So, this is your guide to understanding all the earrings a woman must have in her collection.

#1. Jhumkas

Jhumkas are extremely versatile and come in all shapes and sizes. You can buy small or enormous jhumkas depending on your budget and comfort level. Jhumkas are the perfect way to marry your traditional sensibilities with your modern approach.

#2. Ear cuffs

You can achieve a multiple piercing looks without actually piercing anything with ear cuffs. These are statement pieces and look good with everything.

#3. Chand bali

This is a slice of royal Rajasthani heritage that you can carry into modern times. Chand Balis are named so because they resemble the crescent moon. Chand Balis look great with lehengas and anarkalis

#4. Studs

Studs are extremely versatile and can instantly glam up your look. You can buy 18k gold earrings for women and literally pair them up with any outfit. Studs come in various colours, sizes and shapes and are the perfect way to personalize your look.

#5. Pearl drops

Pearl drops are a classic statement earring that you absolutely must have in your jewellery box.

#6. Danglers

Among the most popular style, danglers come in many sizes and styles and are extremely versatile. They look great with traditional as well as modern attire.

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#7. Shoulder dusters

Shoulder dusters are named so because these earrings reach up to your shoulder and accentuate your collar bones also known as beauty bones.

You can wear them with off-shoulder tops or tops that have a boat neckline. The most versatile shoulder-duster are gold shoulder dusters because they match every outfit. You can look up 22k gold earrings with price online to buy the perfect shoulder duster.

#8. Chandeliers

Like danglers and shoulder dusters, chandeliers are ornate earrings which are very long and have intricate patterns and can be dressed up or down depending on the design.

There you have it! These are the 8 types of earrings that every woman should definitely have in their collection. You can always start small by collecting studs in different designs and then purchasing a bigger earring based on the occasion. Just make sure you don’t dump all your earrings in one box and separate them by metal to avoid any scratches or wear and tear.

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