Types of Bosses : They can make you or they can break you!

Types of Bosses you will encounter at every workplace!

Bosses still rule our corporate life. Some can be hard some can be soft but as we know the boss is always right. Throughout the course of your professional career, whether you are climbing the corporate ladder in some multinational business or if you are working for a small non-profit organization, you will definitely encounter different types of bosses. Each of them will have their own style of working,  and if you want to survive, you need to learn how to deal with all of them.

Types of bosses

Here are seven common types of bosses: Which one is yours?

    1. The hands-off boss– The hands-off boss takes pride in giving his workers freedom and flexibility–maybe a little too much so. But he gives freedom to his or her workers. He won’t interfere with your projects, but at the same time, he may give you limited direction with which to start. He believes that all workers will do their best with minimal interference. If you end up working for this boss, know that communication is going to be key- if you need help; you have to ask for it.
    2. The power tripper- The power tripper may fall into any one of a number of categories. She or he may be desperate to climb the corporate ladder and only focused on how work makes her appear in the eyes of her superiors. She may be narcissistic or self-centered. But you cannot refer it as ‘selfish’. She may also just like the feeling of having power over others. In any case, she or he can be domineering and inflexible and may impose strict rules and deadlines upon you.
    3. The micromanager- The micromanager is a tough one for anyone to deal with. He likes to dig into the details, stepping on your toes on occasion by telling you what to do and how to do it, sometimes for what seems like every minute of every day. You can voice your opinion, but the micromanager is unlikely to change. His eyes literally work as a camera which is always fixed at you.
    4.  The buddy- The buddy wants to be your friend in the workplace. She will always greet you with a cheery disposition, will be soft when it comes to feedback or advice, and won’t set strict deadlines. On one hand, you will get more flexibility in your tasks and actions, but on the other, you will have less constructive criticism on which to build your abilities.
Types of leaders
  1. The shiny object chaser-The shiny object chaser lacks focus or at least consistency in focus. He will start the week demanding one set of goals or working objectives, but by mid-week, he will have changed his mind. This type of boss is the most confused person in this world.
  2. The apathetic boss- The apathetic boss shares some similarities with the hands-off boss but is somewhat more destructive in her processes. Whereas the hands-off boss attempts to empower employees by giving them more liberties and less interference, the apathetic boss truly does not care about her job–or at least her position as manager. She will be hard to communicate with, and indifferent to even your greatest successes and failure.
  3. The balanced boss -The balanced boss is the rarest type of Boss because he embodies so many different qualities at once–and keeps them reasonably balanced. He will give you flexibility without alienating you, be approachable without crossing the professional line, and will change his mind without losing focus on his original objectives.

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So, every coin has two phases same as every boss is blessed with their own qualities. But working with different kind of bosses will definitely make you learn a lot in your life.

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