Two year old Nigerian boy rescued!

This tormenting picture is of a 2 year old Nigerian boy, whose family thought that he was a witch and was abandoned from home.

After spending 8 months on streets riddled with worms and make to live with garbage, he was rescued by Anja Ringgren Loven,a Danish woman living in Africa, who is feeding the emaciated soul in the picture.


The boy was named ‘Hope’ and was immediately taken to the hospital and was medicated.

“Hope’s condition is stable now .He is taking food for himself and he is responding to the medicines he gets “, says Loven.

Anja, who is the founder of African Children’s Aid Education, says thousands of such children are tagged as witches are left alone to wander in the streets. Some survive the torture, while some do not. Loven runs a child centre, where such accused and famished kids are brought and given health, schooling and food facilities.

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