Two Easy Steps to Control Anger


Anger…. as we all know that anger affects the angry person the most. It is as if the CPU in a computer hangs up, and we feel helpless.

Two Easy Steps to Control Anger


Similarly, when we are angry, our thought process stops and the ability to differentiate between right and wrong, good and bad, respect and disrespect and knowingness of who is who seizes. Depending on its frequency, anger not only disturbs the blood pressure of the angry person but also destroys the normal working of various organs in the person’s body.

The aftereffects are even scary. Those involved in a fight at times kill each other, may even be cruel enough to make the other person crippled. The relations may break for ever. One can lose anything and everything due to anger.

I performed a simple experiment to test the aftereffects of anger. I put four plants each in two of my rooms. When I went to room A, I was always angry and when I went to room B, I always spoke of love, did meditations. After a couple of months I found that despite watering all the plants equally and keeping all the plants at same temperature, The plants in room A died, whereas the plants in room B grew at double the speed.

Two Easy Steps to Control Anger


Surprisingly though, we all know the after effects of anger, we all know the disasters anger can create, but still we get angry, still we are not able to control it. Is there a way to control anger? Yes, there are many ways! But it should be simple, easy to perform and effective. Yes! I have a simple method but how can we perform it when we are angry?

Perform a simple exercise as soon as you get angry.

1. As soon as you get angry and the first time you realize you are angry, divide yourself into two halves from head to toe. The right half and the left half.

2. Now quickly let your right half watch your left half to see what is happening to you.

3. The anger is gone.

So, do not forget the exercise as soon as you are angry. Keep it in your mind that the moment you are angry, you have to perform the above exercise.

We have also heard of anger management. But we only manage things that we keep with us and I am sure none of us would want to keep anger with us. So release anger by the above method. You will feel good and successful and hence happy.

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