Twitter will soon remove ‘locked accounts’ from follower count : Reports

Twitter is becoming more vigilant: It will soon remove locked accounts from follower count 


According to reports, Twitter will soon remove locked accounts from follower count, in a bid to give accurate numbers of followers to the user. The major reason behind this step is to identify fake and automated accounts. In a statement, Twitter said, ” This is another step to improve Twitter and ensure everyone can have confidence in their followers. Notably, the move has come at a time when Twitter is becoming more vigilant about any abuse of its platform for spreading misinformation, and has been figuring out all the fake twitter accounts.

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As per a statement, Twitter said over the years it has locked the accounts after detecting sudden changes in the account behavior.  After that, the platform reaches to the account owners, and pending validation of the account and password reset by them keeps these accounts in a locked state ” With no ability to log in”.

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This week Twitter will remove locked accounts from the list globally. As a result, the followers displayed on many profiles may go down, it warned.

Twitter said it wants its user to have accurate and meaningful followers. There could be a major fall in the number of followers. It is hard but Twitter believes in complete accuracy and transparency and this will also enhance user experience.

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