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Twitter Account of Big Wigs like Bill Gates hacked, Timeline of Messy Wednesday & why it raises a lot of questions? 

Massive Security Breach on Twitter raises a lot of questions, let us take a look at the timeline

Twitter was bit of a  mess on Wednesday. The social media account witnessed one of the most braze online attacks on some of the most powerful people across the globe.  All the target accounts tweeted about Bitcoins on Wednesday afternoon. Amongst the affected names were former US President Barack Obama, Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Kayne West, Elon Musk, the official account of Apple, and many more.

What exactly happened? In case if you missed it 

Around 4 pm on 15th July, many high-profile accounts in the USA started tweeting a message that said that any bitcoin sent to a link in the tweet will be sent back doubled. The tweet said that offer lasts for only 30 minutes. Uber and Apple handles were the first to be affected, followed by Elon Musk and Bill Gates. Within a couple of hours Barack Obama and Jeff Bezos, Mike Bloomberg, Joe Biden accounts were also hacked. By the time Kim Kardashian and boxer Floyd Mayweather’s accounts were affected, Twitter locked many verified accounts across the world.

As soon as the tweet went viral, the Bitcoin wallet promoted in the tweet got around $ 100,000 through around 300 transactions.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey called Wednesday a tough day and wrote on Twitter that we all feel terrible that it happened. Twitter is investigating the entire episode and soon an update is expected.

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According to Twitter support, it was a coordinated social engineering attack. It was executed by people who targeted some of the Twitter employees with access to internal tools and systems. Once, they used internal systems and tools, they took control of highly-visible Twitter accounts and tweeted what they wanted. Clearly, the problem seems to be within the Twitter systems rather than the user’s side.

How the hack could impact the image of Twitter?

Some most followed accounts were hacked and the kind of impact they have is huge. This didn’t go well with netizens and they are taking a dig on Twitter. Keeping in mind the seriousness of this breach, the dig was inevitable.  Take a look at the memes people are posting on the internet:

Senator, Josh Hawley wrote to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and asked for an explanation once the problem is fixed. Now, Twitter will have to do some explaining to the concerned authorities in the coming days.

The incident has happened just 4 months before the US Presidential election. In the 2016 election, it was alleged that social media was manipulated for political gain. This hacking incident shows that social media platforms are vulnerable and can be used for political gain.

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