TVF’s Aspirants Review and Lessons Every Student Must Take from it

TVF’s Aspirants gives real-life lessons, especially to students. Here are the most beautiful lessons from the show

After the much-loved Kota Factory, TVF has recently come up with the new show, ‘Aspirants’ based on the journey of the UPSC Aspirants. While Kota Factory, based on the aspirations and struggles of students taking coaching in Kota for JEE exams was heartwarming, Aspirants makes the struggle more relatable.

Short Review: Based in the streets of Old Rajendra Nagar, the hub of all the UPSC and Civil Service examination’s coaching institutes, we see the story of the trio of three aspirants, Abhilash, Guri and SK called, Tripod. This trio is hustling to crack the UPSC Exams. And this whole situation is juxtaposed with the present life, where they reunite after six years, over the news of Guri’s Wedding. We see the setups of big institutes we often see while passing through the old Karol Bagh and Old Rajendra Nagar. We see students exchanging notes, have dialogues about their aspirations over a cup of tea, tirelessly cramming current affairs, and struggling to crack their aim. The show shows the aspirations, the desires, the lows, the highs, the gloominess, the perseverance, the perspective, and the struggles of hundreds and thousands of aspirants aiming to be an IAS.

The worst of all comes when you see the rooms of these aspirants. The room of Sandeep Bhaiya and the room of Abhilash, and then digesting the fact that they also happened to not clear the exam.


TVF's Aspirants


It gives a decent question to have or not have a plan B? The relatability factor of the show is quite high as it acknowledges the dilemmas of students, who day in, day out, deal with the question, “agar IAS nhi ban paye toh kya karoge?”. At one instance, SK gets an anxiety attack, because the pressure of this question “agar IAS nhi ban paye toh kya karoge?” was more than triggering to him. With Sandeep Bhaiya’s character, and even with Abhilash’s character, the pressure of adulthood is seen starkly. With the precise direction of Apoorv Singh Karki, the 5 Episode Show reflect a lot about the life of the students.

Lessons every student can learn from the show, TVF’s Aspirants

1. Patience, perseverance, and dedication

TVF's Aspirants

In the opening speech of Episode 1 by SK, he tells his students that any aspirant who will have patience, perseverance, and dedication will crack the exam. Not losing hope is the biggest step towards cracking the exam.

2. Your preparation makes you worthy of an aspirant, not your failure

TVF's Aspirants

“Yeh UPSC ka exam na physically hi nahi mentally bhi choos leta hai. First attempt nahi nikla, second… final attempt nahi nikla. Palat ke dekhoge zindagi ka 6 saal gayab… Mehnat koi nahi dekhta. Log aayenge failure ka medal daalenge aur bolenge sincere nahi tha. But iske bavajud bhi aap preparation karoge and that makes you a worthy aspirant.” – SK Sir

3. Value of keeping a positive approach


TVF's Aspirants
Abhilash is repetitively called out by friends for being negative. He is always critical of everything, but does that help? And when Abhilash tried changing his perspective with a positive approach, he was able to see the results.

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4. Be the change you desire to see

Pragati, Guri’s girlfriend calls out Abhilash when he asks for a refund of the fee by faking his mother’s illness and says that “it is against the ethics, doing so will be ethically wrong….IAS is a high principled job“. If you can’t obey the principles in personal life, how will you do with the professional one.

5. Always answering the ‘why’ part of the goal

In several scenes, there is a question as to why do they want to be an IAS. Sandeep Bhaiya asks Abhilash, “You need to think, why do you want to be an IAS, IAS hi Kyu?”

TVF's Aspirants

And then in another scene, Dhariya says, “Mera plan A hai, IAS clear karu, civil servant banu taaki mai nasha mukti par kaam kar saku rural areas mai aur plan B hai ki mai nasha mukti par kaam kar saku rural areas mai without clearing IAS

Both the instances give a sharp idea to answer the ‘why’ part of your goal instead of being a part of a rat race.

6. Nothing is more worth it than friends and family


TVF's Aspirants

“Maa Baap, Pyaar, Dost, ye apne dreams k liye sacrifice kar dena is not worth it, not woth it at all” – Sandeep Bhai. Life is to live for these possessions.

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