Try Vodka at least once!

Being an alcoholic is obviously not good for our health but what if any of the alcohol drink has health benefits too!

Yes, here we are talking about vodka, surely you all have tried it once and if not then without wasting time try it because it has lot of benefits.

Try Vodka at least once!


  • Get free from tooth acne.
  • Add it to your shampoo, it fight against dandruff.
  • Can be use as mouthwash.
  • Make a long lasting ice pack.
  • Repel cracks can be healed by applying it on skin.
  • Use it as an aftershave.
  • Clean your hands with it.
  • Spray on darker clothes, it will prevent color fading.
  • Can use for cleaning house items.
  • Cure bad smell.
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