Try out some different designs for Tougher Look!

Try out some different designs for Tougher Look!

Try out some different designs for Tougher Look!:- After trying years of sanded, faded and torn denim, we have reached in such a stage distressed look has officially touched the sky. You cannot get fabrics more distressed that what we are seeing today. “You can have variety of distressed jeans available today. You can easily make distressed jeans at home if you have knowledge of sewing and a pair of sharp scissors. Earlier it was ripped only on the knees but today e very thing changed. Today is it everywhere, knees, thighs, front of the calf, back pockets etc.” said Alessandra Ambrosia, who owns a Jeans brand.

Try out some different designs for Tougher Look!

The ripped jeans were popular in 1980’s, when heavy metal and hard rock were running the show. In 1920 this fashion came into focus again because youngsters have become more rebellious and they were looking for something really hot. “The distressed jeans are intentionally damaged to look old and ripped. The ripped appeal is achieved either by bleach washing or the stone washing,” said Candice Swanepoel, whose brand is selling like hot cake throughout the brand. “I myself like to wear ripped jeans once in awhile,” she famously said once.

Try out some different designs for Tougher Look!Try out some different designs for Tougher Look!

Today ripped jeans are a must for young celebrities like Jessica Alba, Selena Gomes, Kate Moss, Rihanna, Miranda Kerr etc. While Rihanna prefers ripped blue ripped skinny jeans, Kate Moss goes for casual ripped jeans with a black turtleneck top. Style Icon Selena Gomes wears jeans with strategically placed rips at the knees and thighs. “I want to take it to the next level,” she once said. Super model Miranda Kerr does not like over showing. She is seen wearing skinny loose skinny jeans with rips at knees only.

“Denim is democratic. Everybody has the right to experiment. But distressed jeans can make w factory worker uncomfortable and she or he has to work hard sometime by sitting and sometime by standing. There is a possibility of creating awkward moments. Otherwise if you are comfortable in it is ok” said Kate Moss.

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