Trousseau Checklist for Millennial Brides : Babe, don’t forget to experiment

Trousseau Checklist for Brides – to –be, things that you will need post marriage


It is that time of the year again. Oh yes, wedding season is on. Of course, things are little different this year due to COVID. But “Shaadi karne walon ko kaun rok sakta hai”. If you are getting married too, then your job doesn’t get finished just by deciding your wedding dress and accessories. There are a lot of events that take place post-wedding. From all your first festivals to continuous dinner and lunch party, you need to be prepared for all.  Traditionally speaking, trousseau is a piece of luggage that the bride carries to her husband’s house. Over the years, the definition of trousseau has evolved. From a single bag to several bags, a lot of things have changed about traditional trousseau. When it’s about millennial brides, they love to experiment. They know it’s all about comfort over fashion.

Here is a basic checklist for every bride. These things will come handy for the get-together and family dinners post-wedding.  Oh no! You cannot take your entire room with you when you get married, but here is a list of few essentials items that should be on the top of your list.



1. Saree, Plazzo Kurti: These two attires you will need the most post marriage. You can choose according to your comfort level. From chanderi, banerasi to chiffon, you should have a wide range of sarees in your trousseau. According to the occasion, you can pick one and get dolled up to be the centre of the attraction. These attires really come handy post-marriage!


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2. Your Signature perfume and super comfy lingerie:  Comfortable lingerie is the bride’s best friend. You should not miss your signature perfume and sets of lingerie. You need both of them to set the mood.  Ladies, you know it right? When it comes to lingerie pick pretty, pastel lace style.


3. Stylish Footwears: Wedding function is all about heels and that fancy footwear. Post-wedding it’s time to relax. From heels, stilettos, slip- ons , flats to even sneakers. A bride should buy all of them.  These will come handy for special occasions. After all, “it’s your shaadi” and you should make most of this beautiful phase of your life.



4. Silk Pyjamas, your favourite coffee mug and books:  Oh you can’t take all your belongings with you, but you shouldn’t leave favourite ones behind.  Silk Pyjamas that you can wear on your honeymoon, your favourite coffee or chai mug, and your books that can come handy during flights, you should keep them all.



5. Multi-Purpose blouse : In the era of mix and match, babe you should definitely have a multipurpose blouse in your trousseau. Don’t forget to pick a blouse that will go well with multiple saree if styled well. This will save a lot of your time, money, space and efforts.


6. New Make –up: It is one of the most important items of the trousseau.  A bride should always carry a mini vanity with her. There could be some impromptu plans initially. In that case, it is very important to carry your make up. Don’t forget to add popping lipstick colours to always look fresh. Toner, foot cream, essential oils, these all should get a place in your make up kit.



7. Aromatic Candles : Our favourite essential of the bridal trousseau.  We guess you are already aware of the importance of candles.  They could be a great stress buster and can set the right mood in the room, they just do it all.  They can create magic, especially after your marriage.



8. Pampering toiletries:  Post wedding it’s your time to relax, meaning baths, baths, and more baths.  Do not forget to add pebble soaps that smell divine.  Jasmine, rose, any fragrance that you like, you can definitely pick.



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