Plan a Family Vacation On The Long Diwali Weekend with Exclusive Travel Loans

Plan a vacation on the long Diwali weekend with exclusive travel loans!

All Indians look forward to the Diwali festivities. Diwali is all about meeting family and friends and rejoicing in togetherness. The festival holidays are clubbed with a long weekend this year, giving you a perfect excuse to plan a family vacation. Besides enjoying a great time with family, the holiday trip will allow you to witness the glory of Diwali in a foreign land. You might consider taking a Travel Loan to fund this memorable trip.

The long Diwali weekend starts on October 22 (Saturday) and ends on October 27 (Thursday – Bhaiya Dooj). Since many people might not have noticed it till now, there is almost no time left to plan and book the trip. In such a situation, a personal loan for travel provides the much-needed funding to plan the vacation the way you like. Whether your family wants to visit a serene hill station or head for a beach holiday, cover all expenses with travel loans in India and make this year’s Diwali a memorable one for a lifetime.

Top 5 International Destinations to Explore This Diwali

Although Diwali is an Indian festival, several other countries celebrate it with the same enthusiasm, including Nepal, Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. When planning for a family vacation on the upcoming long Diwali weekend, here are a few international destinations worth exploring. Read on

Dubai: Reach the glorious city of the Middle East on a 4-hour flight from India. Famous for its magnificent malls, souks, beaches, and amusement parks, it leaves no stone unturned to keep travellers engaged. Moreover, Dubai has a sizable population of Indians and different parts of the city display fireworks and decorations on Diwali. Explore Burj Khalifa, Jumeirah Beach, Palm Islands, and the Dubai Mall in 3-4 days, and spend one evening on a desert safari with your family this Diwali.

Singapore: Singapore is an obvious choice when planning a long weekend trip on Diwali. Besides popular attractions like Sentosa, Universal Studios, Singapore Zoo, and Marina Bay Sands, visit Little India to witness exquisite Diwali fireworks, decor, and lights.  Head to Orchard Road for some Diwali shopping and make the trip memorable.

Bangkok: Bangkok is one of the best options while planning an international vacation on a long Diwali weekend. Multi-cuisine restaurants, beautiful beaches, amusement parks, ancient pagodas and temples, and swanky malls make this city a fun-filled package. Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok is well-connected with all major Indian cities making your journey even smoother.

Malaysia: Long beaches, luxurious shopping malls, and beautiful islands all come together to make Malaysia an ideal destination for spending Diwali weekend. Plan a trip to Langkawi and Kuala Lumpur to make this Diwali a fun-filled and happening one. Relax at the beaches, trek in the rainforest, try adventure sports, climb up the Petronas Twin Towers, or visit a casino to have a joyous experience in Malaysia.

Maldives: Are you looking forward to spending quality time with your family or your better half? Nothing can get better than the Maldives. A group of spectacular coral islands in the Indian Ocean, Maldives is a popular holiday destination for honeymooners. The exotic water villas and ritzy resorts enhance the place’s charm. An ideal choice for young couples, Maldives is a go-to destination for Indians due to its accessibility, affordability and adventure activities.

Why Is Taking a Travel Loan a Good Idea?

While planning for a family vacation on the upcoming long Diwali weekend, a Travel Loan will give you the much-needed financial freedom to facilitate advanced bookings. Whether planning a domestic or an international trip this year, personal loans for travel are specifically designed to cover your travel-related expenses. Get acquainted with the reasons why taking a personal loan is a good idea to fund a vacation.

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No Collateral: Travel loans in India are unsecured personal loans that do not require any security, guarantor, or collateral. Aspiring borrowers can take out the money quickly after fulfilling the loan provider’s eligibility requirements. This way, no asset is put at risk when taking a personal loan for travel.

Affordability: A personal loan is a more cost-efficient alternative to other loan types due to affordable interest rates. The processing charges are also low, making funds quickly available to those who need extra money to finance their trip on the Diwali

Simple Loan Procedure: The personal loan eligibility conditions, documentation requirements, and application procedures are pretty straightforward. Aspiring borrowers can apply online, estimate their eligibility and EMIs, and finalise the loan offer from the comfort of their home

Digital Process: The online process of new-age lending institutions like Clix Capital requires minimal documentation. They can verify an applicant’s details online. Once approved, the loan gets disbursed into the applicant’s account quickly. So, those going on a trip on Diwali can happily apply for a Travel Loan online and get money in their account before booking the tickets.

Instant Availability: Loan providers deposit the loan amount directly into the applicant’s accounts so that they can use it immediately after disbursal. So, pack your bags, apply, receive, and leave the next day without thinking about money.

Minimum Documentation: Travel loans in India require bare minimum documentation. All the borrowers need is their identity, income, and residence proof. So, while planning the trip, they don’t need to rummage through the house for documents or go from pillar to post to submit them.

Debt Repayment Over a Convenient Tenure: Depending on the lending institution’s policy, borrowers get a few months to a few years to repay the debt. Use a personal loan EMI calculator to select a loan term with conveniently affordable EMIs and repay the loan on time without stretching your budget.

Improve the Credit Score: Travel Loan has another hidden advantage that many borrowers ignore. Taking a personal loan improves the credit mix and avoids increasing the credit utilisation rate through credit card usage. Coupled with these, regular EMI payments may help improve borrowers’ credit scores, increasing their eligibility for future loans.


While planning a family vacation on Diwali weekend, money should be the last thing on your mind. It is a time to enjoy and do what you want, and the above reasons are convincing enough to take a Travel Loan for the upcoming vacation. Personal loans for travel help afford dream holidays the way you like. Get a personal loan before Diwali and celebrate this festive season with a memorable vacation with your family.

Happy Diwali!

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