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Tragedy at Kerala University Event: 4 Dead, 65 Injured in Stampede

Stampede at CUSAT festival claims lives; investigation underway. Kerala University tragedy prompts safety concerns amid concert chaos.

Fatal Incident at CUSAT Concert Venue of Kerala University 4 Dead and many injured, Know all about tragedy here!

Kochi, Kerala – A tragic incident at the Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) turned a moment of celebration into mourning when a stampede claimed the lives of four students and left 65 others injured during an annual festival. The chaos erupted not during the musical performance by singer Nikhita Gandhi, as initially thought, but before she even took the stage.

What Happened?

As students gathered at the university’s open-air auditorium for the concert, unexpected rainfall triggered the stampede. Eyewitnesses reported that despite entry restrictions for ticket holders, residents were also around the venue during the event.

According to Jalsan, an eyewitness, the rush began around 6:50 pm amid light rain. Students hurried in, but the steep steps and pushing resulted in the tragic incident.

Why Did It Happen?

ADGP M R Ajith Kumar explained that as rain poured suddenly, attendees rushed using the stairs, causing the stampede. The event was part of a festival scheduled from November 24 to November 26, organised at an auditorium with a capacity of 1,000 to 1,500 people. When the rain hit, the sudden rush caused chaos on the steps, leading to a heartbreaking outcome.

Injuries and Response

While the injured were swiftly taken to nearby hospitals, four students—two girls and two boys—couldn’t be saved. State Health Minister Veena George confirmed 65 injuries, with four students in critical condition, receiving treatment at Kalamassery Medical College Hospital and other nearby medical facilities.

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The Aftermath

Nikhita Gandhi, deeply saddened, expressed her grief on Facebook, stating the incident occurred before she could even reach the venue. Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, deeply moved by the tragedy, cancelled cultural events, directing ministers to coordinate measures at the scene and ensure the best possible treatment for the injured.

Outpouring of Condolences

Leaders and officials conveyed their heartfelt condolences. Chief Minister Vijayan expressed deep sorrow, ensuring comprehensive treatment for the injured and sending ministers for on-site assessments. Rahul Gandhi, an MP from Wayanad, extended sympathies to the bereaved families and urged the government to provide the injured with the best medical care.

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Call for Investigation

In response to the tragedy, the Kerala government ordered a thorough probe into the incident. A three-member team, headed by the principal secretary of higher education and CUSAT officials, will investigate and submit a detailed report.

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The incident has left a profound impact, turning a moment of festivity into a heartbreaking episode. Efforts are underway to support the injured and understand the circumstances leading to this tragic event.

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