Research revealed its time to Take break from Traditional Resumés, Highlight Skills over Degrees!

Reports suggest traditional resumes need to be gone for a progressive job hunt, update your resume now

Recently, several reports came forward that the Job Markets around the world are ready to move forward and shuck the traditional resume formats. In a report, on the US Job market by NDTV, Hisayuki “Deko” Idekoba, chief executive officer of Japan’s Recruit Holdings Co. suggested that- “Modern hiring processes need to adapt for the times, with many small- and medium-sized businesses still seeking to fill jobs the way they did a decade ago.” Here is why it’s time to say goodbye to Traditional Resumes. Checkout the pointers below and update your resume right away!

traditional resume

Talking of examples, he mentions one restaurant which hasn’t updated its job description for an entire decade. “You are requiring a college degree, why?” he asked. “Forget about it!”

Idekoba suggests that the hiring process should be focused on skill sets of the candidate rather than what degree they possess. The hiring process should be hassle free and short rather than the lengthy process it is now, which includes the sending of a traditional resume, checking it, and responding to it.

Despite this suggestion, what cannot be changed is the need for a resume. However, what can be changed is how we improve it to highlight our skill set, rather than the college we got a degree from. 

There are several ways to update a resume-

traditional resume

Try limiting your resume to One or Two pages.

Recruiters, today, don’t need to look at your long list of old jobs. They are more interested in what you are doing currently and if you have done some work in the field you have applied for.

They need to see if you have the experience or skill set for the position they’re hiring. Try to keep the focus on jobs you have done that are similar to the position you’ve applied for. It should provide details on your most recent 10 to 15 years of experience, with less space for early jobs.

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Highlight the skill sets that are required and important. Focus on keywords, and you don’t need to write long sentences about it. Be crisp and concise. 

Get rid of out-of – Style elements

For example- A resume that begins with an objective statement can make you look outdated.  These statements went out of style a few years ago because they were all basically the same.  If your resume still contains objective statements, replace it with a summary that provides an overview of your career.  Make sure the claims in your summary statement are supported by evidence on your resume.

traditional resume

Highlight the Importance Information

Never forget to highlight the information that you want the recruiter to read first. This helps to quickly identify the pertinent skills and accomplishments that are important to the potential employer. It will draw attention and create an impression on the first glance. And it is a proven fact that the First Impression is The Last Impression.

Use clear section headings

Most resumes have similar components such as career summary, specialization, professional experience, education, and volunteer work.  When deciding on the format of your resume, remember that these headings should be decisive and stand out from other text in the document. Use shaded boxes, bold text, and white space around each heading.

Many famous educational institutions provide their students with the recommended formats for resumes that are preferred by the top recruiters. Here are links for such formats. You can always consult the format to further enhance your resumés.


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