Toxic Friendship can take away your confidence: How to deal with it?

All you need to know about toxic friends!

We choose friends according to our liking. While we all start our friendship off fine, but in some cases, it goes downhill to the point you do nothing but bicker and avoids each other. Friendship can have some devastating end sometimes.

If you are yet to experience this, that’s great – but it does not mean it will never happen to you.


And so, to help you nip it in the bud sooner rather than later, here are some signs that your friendship is turning toxic. So, here are few guidelines that you should know when your friendship turns toxic!

1.Little things about them are starting to annoy you: Everyone gets annoyed at times, especially in relationships, but when it comes to a friendship, that is when you should worry a little you’re your small annoyances become big annoyances that lead you to not wanting to spend any time with your friend, it’s time you confront what’s causing you to feel this way.

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2.They get jealous when you hang out with other people: Friendships are great for once reason: You get to have as many as you like. And this should not be hindered because your friend gets jealous. Jealousy can ruin your true friendship even. You should never allow someone to become possessive for you. If they get jealous because you’re hanging out with other people, it’s time to question whether you are happy to deal with that or not.

3.They will hang out with other people and not invite you: As mentioned above, it’s great to have more than one friend. And that is totally okay, you should not expect to be invited everywhere – especially not if your friend just wants time with other people.

However, if they start purposefully not inviting you to be spiteful or to prove a point about you having other friends, that’s not okay. Always put your respect first.

Beware of Frenemy


4.They rely on you for money: That’s a bitter truth.  Most friendships, one friend is usually happy to pay for the other when out and about – because you expect the favour to be returned when you’re a little low on money on a day out yourself. But it’s not fair for you to pay for everything. If they expect you to pay for things, especially if it’s because you earn more than them – that’s not right. You are supposed to be their friend, not their bank account.

5.They give you negative comments for no reason: It is always great, to be honest in a friendship – especially if that means telling your friend that no, their lipstick does not go with their dress or that they have got a little bit of food in their teeth. But nobody should expect unreasonable comments from someone – especially not a friend. If they start unnecessarily commenting on your appearance, your talents, or your way of life, ditch them. No need to ignore their negative comments. Instead of it answer them.

6.They discredit you: Discrediting a friend can fall down to jealousy. If you are doing better at something, perhaps which may be at work or in a hobby, it may leave your friend feeling as though they are not as good at something. This can then lead them to become competitive – to the point they try to put your hard work down at every opportunity so that they feel more powerful than you.

7.They are untrustworthy: Most friendships have secrets – and those secrets are meant to stay within that friendship. If you find out that your friend has been passing on your secrets to other people, do not let it slide.

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