Torrent shut down by US

Alleged owner of the website, Artem Vaulin, an Ukrainian man of 30 year was arrested in Poland on Wednesday.International bust is a blow to the torrent community online, where millions of people share copyrighted material without paying for it.

Torrent shut down by US


It also shows how the American police is increasing its efforts to combat infringement of copyright. Governments have been pressured in recent years by entertainment giants – including Sony Pictures, Walt Disney Company (DIS), Warner Bros. Entertainment and Universal Music Group – to fight digital piracy.

Online piracy – basically copy a digital file and share it – sucks the average income of publishers, who pay fees to the artists who create work. The US government will ask the Polish government to extradite Vaulin to the United States, where it will be processed. He is accused of operating a web site that allows people to share movies, video games, TV shows and worth more than $ 1 billion music.

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