Top Tips to Treat Menstrual Cramps


Again its period time and you dread these days as they bring annoying cramps, dizziness, lethargic and curtail your routine life.


Most of the women on this planet face these menstrual problems.


So if you are suffering from the well known menstrual cramps, oneworldnews brings you some easy tips that if practiced can minimize your distress.


Top Tips to Treat Menstrual Cramps


A glass of Milk:


The delicious milk is a good source of calcium and is a sure shot remedy for the menstrual cramps.


Drinking milk can minimize pain during periods. So, next time when you have your due date, start drinking a glassful of lukewarm full of calcium and vitamin D.


Hot water:


Hot water has amazing properties of mitigating those painful bloating experienced during menstruation. Hot water enhances the blood circulation and reduces pain perception. Some doctors recommend the intake of water-laden foods such as cucumber, watermelon and lettuce.


Use Ginger:


According to some researchers ginger can provide prompt relief in menstrual cramps. Simply boil a piece of ginger in hot water and drink the water obtained.


Say No to Tea or Coffee:


It is a known fact that tea and coffee have large quantities of caffeine in them and scientists believe that they should be avoided during menstruation. Reduce the consumption of chocolates too!


Sacrifice your delight for chocolates, tea and brewing coffee-as this is one way to keep menstrual cramps at bay.


What Exercise? Yes, you heard it right!


Resort to light exercises as they release endorphins- the natural painkiller, capable of lifting your mood and minimizing your abdominal cramps.


Moderate yoga or simply walking can be a good way to reduce painful cramps.


Try these simple and defective tips and leave your valuable comments


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