Top Tips for Skin Care in Winters!


Winter is around and you are afraid of the uninvited skin problems. Oneworldnews tells you some simple skin tips to help you tackle your winter beauty woes.


These effective winter tips will definitely keep your face beautiful throughout the chilly winter.


Top Tips for Skin Care in Winters!




Flakiness is a common winter problem encountered by most of the women. Use a skin cleanser rich in alpha hydroxyl acids to eliminate the dead dull skin cells. These cells accumulate on the skin surface and impart a dull lifeless appearance.  A good cleanser can come to your rescue and can keep you protected against flakiness.


Have a sensitive skin? Don’t panic, the cleansers available nowadays are gentle on your skin.



After thorough cleansing, use a gentle exfoliator such as scrubs with grains or beads, for getting rid of those stubborn dead cells, blackheads and whiteheads.  Don’t overdo exfoliation, twice or thrice a week is sufficient.




Apply a rich creamy moisturizer after you are done with cleansing and exfoliation. Opt for a moisturizer with beewax, shea butter or squalene.


Wash your face and pat it slightly dry, next apply moisturizer.


Ruddy nose and cheeks:


If you are experiencing ruddy cheeks and nose, simply use a hydrating face mask enriched with soothing ingredients like chamomile, cucumber and calendula. These ingredients are effective in calming down the irritated skin and can even neutralize the redness on cheeks and nose.


Teary eyes:


The cold chilly winds irritate your eyes and cause too much tearing. So, wear glasses whenever you step outside.


Dry, chapped lips:


A very common problem encountered during winter season is that of dry chapped lips.  First of all apply a lip balm or lip salve for few days and then use sugar granules as a gentle scrub.


Opt for a lip balm with shea butter and avocadoes. Avoid wearing matte lipsticks instead wear moisturizing lipsticks to ensure proper nourishment and hydration of your lips.


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