Top Five Ways to Prepare Your Brain for Boards?

Here are few ways to prepare your brain for boards

Board Exams are around the corner and students are all geared up for the final performance. Notably, often poor performances in boards can be traced back to a negative mindset, usually in form of stress, anxiety and a lack of self- belief. With board exams just a month away, we are here to help you. Here are few tips to prepare your brain for boards so that you can give your best on your D-day.

Prepare Your Brain for Boards
Prepare Your Brain for Boards

Notably, board exams are probably the first challenge that you will face among the many other challenges that will be thrown at you later in life. Now, with the very little time left for the exams, here are few tips that can help you to perform better.

1. Stress is not always harmful: Exam stress is not always bad for you. Sometimes taking pressure can give you better results. The small amount of stress can help you to work harder, and think faster. Just make sure you do not take a lot of stress

2. Take short breaks to relax your brain: I am sure you all would be studying according to your timetable, but it is always advisable to take short breaks for better results. Taking short breaks will relax your brain and will boost your learning capability

Stress is not always bad for health
Stress is not always bad for health

3. Do not aim for perfection: One should accept that perfection can never be achieved, and there is always be room for improvement. So always try to learn from your mistakes and do not aim to become a perfectionist.

4. Do not compare yourself with others: Comparing yourself with others will only increase your burden and will make you nervous. The best way to prepare your brain for boards is to stay away from comparison, just believe in yourself and give your best

5. Meditate: If you feel tired and lose your concentration, meditate for some time. Meditation will relax your mind and will boost your concentration power

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Quick Revision Tips:

• Manage your notes
• Study your textbooks thoroughly because there are hardly any chances of questions coming from outside the syllabus
• Do not forget to solve question paper of last year
• Make chart of important formulas
• Once in a while, opt for a group study
• Avoid late night studies and choose to study early in the morning

Here is how you can revise
Here is how you can revise

Meals to have before and during the board exams:

Frequent and small meals are advisable during boards: Having heavy two –three meals can make students lethargic and sleepy
Stay hydrated: When our body is not hydrated properly, the body and mind feels dazed and restless. So if you will drink a lot of water and will increase intake of other fluids too, you will be able to concentrate better

One should eat stress-buster foods: Brown nice, nuts, veggies and eggs are some stress – buster foods. So one should try to include all this in his/her diet to stay away from stress
Avoid Junk Food: Junk food will only make you lethargic and can also cause other health issues. So you should avoid junk food during exams

Tips to give your best while attempting your exam

• Always keep 15 minutes in your hand for revising your paper
• Make sure you attempt the easiest questions first
• Do not waste your time on the question that seems difficult
• Try to maintain the consistency so that you do not end up creating mess in the end

So we wish you all the very best for the exams that are scheduled in the first week of March.

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