Own Exclusive: Top 5 English Songs that will make you groove!

These top five english songs will make you groove

We Indians have always been fond of English songs. But after the inception of easy access to those songs through the internet we have become a profound lover of it. Today we will look at the top five English songs which is currently breaking the records on Spotify as well as in the rhythmic minds of the people.

Here are top 5 English Songs currently

  1. Senorita

Senorita Singers
Senorita Singers

Last year we were grooving to the Havana of Camila Cabello and this year the former fifth Harmony member has collaborated with Shawn Mendes. What could be better than these two coming together for a song with the name of Senorita? The peppy song topped the chart in many countries and reached 2nd in the United States.

  1. Bad Guy

top five English songs
Bad Guy Singer

The pop-trap and nu-goth pop song Bad guy is like an addiction you want to let go off. The song has been sung by British singer Billie Ellish. The singer wrote the lyrics along with her brother Finneas O’Connel . Finneas handled the total production of the song.

  1. I Don’t Care

I Don't Care
I Don’t Care Singers

The collaboration of Ed Sheeran and Justin Beiber is nothing sort of a dream come true. One of the most famous singers of the generation has come together to create a masterpiece. I Don’t care is doesn’t only attract you with its music but the lyrics bowls you over.

  1. Sucker


How could we leave the Jonas brother behind us? We have a relationship with them now. Sucker is beautifully sung by the Jonas brothers. The video has our own Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Turner showing their moves.

  1. Goodbyes


Since the ‘Rockstar’ and ‘Sunflower’ Post Malone has never looked back. They arrived with another blockbuster song to win us over. The song also features Young Thug who makes the songs just perfect.

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What are you waiting for? Put in your headphones and enjoy these top trending songs which will make you keep the pace for work.

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