Top 8 reasons why WhatsApp is responsible for your instant breakup!

Do you know Whatsapp is responsible for your instant Breakup?

Breakups have become everyone’s cup of tea. Breakups are no longer about depression, tension, binge eating etc. You know why? Because it has become frequent now -a -days. Just after a breakup you can spot that person in a shopping complex or with their gang just to uplift their moods. Indeed, it is really important for all those who just came out of a devastating relationships. Today, we will tell you top 8 reasons behind your instant breakup.

8 reasons why Whatsapp is responsible for your instant breakup
8 reasons why Whatsapp is responsible for your instant breakup

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If we go little deeper just to find a reason for breakup, you will definitely find a WhatsApp as a major reason behind the breakups. This is because we are too technology friendly. WhatsApp has become an inseparable part of our lives. Day and night, people keep texting each other, without realizing that it has become an addiction. When it comes to lovers, there are certain barriers for them.

Here, are some unspoken rules that you should avoid in order to keep your relations long and lasting:

1. It’s all about typing

If you see that your partner types for long and didn’t reply anything, then it can irritate you.
For instance, if your boyfriend/girlfriend is typing, typing and typing for a long time and finally rubs it off, you often become very nervous and anxious. This gives a new reason to spark an argument. Avoid it!

2. Ignorance of the message is a new problem

People voluntarily sometimes doesn’t reply. Those blue ticks give us a blue feeling, when messages are read by our lover but they didn’t reply. This action of your partner pops a lot of questions inside you.

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3. The ‘K’ issue

Many a times, when the boyfriend/girlfriend is super-pissed, he/she might just message “K”. Does this mean that he/she is not interested in talking further? Even if this is not the case, the boy/girl would always think so.

4. Be active always

If both the partners use WhatsApp then it becomes really important to be active on it always. Once you and your partner are on Whatsapp, it is must for you to keep chatting on and off and if you fail to do so, be ready to hear the firing.

It can spoil your relationship
It can spoil your relationship

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5. Issue of last seen

Partners do always check your last seen. The last seen issue has actually ended a lot of relationships. You might see your boyfriend/girlfriend online at around 1am at night, wherein he/she actually has that habit of sleeping at 11pm. So isn’t this a good reason for arguments, further leading to a break-up?

6. Informal conversation

Using WhatsApp daily makes your conversation quite informal. Short forms, slang language or unfiltered posts with grammar errors might not be appreciated and if your BF/GF is a grammar worm then it’s pathetic.

7. DP game

Don’t you dare put your Whatsapp DP with your best friend. Your partner might not like it and this will start a new war of words.

8. Blocked

Even if your phone has automatic updates and by chance the WhatsApp application gets deleted, your partner directly lands at your place thinking you have BLOCKED him/her. Then, be prepared for the war of words.

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