Top 8 benefits of Fuller’s Earth!

Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti) is the best beauty hack

India is the land of culture! You will find different religion and diverse culture here. Every culture has its own meaning. With rapid urbanisation we too get rely on technology and artificial things. In earlier times, when someone used to get sick, he was not taken to a medical practitioner or someone of that sort, instead, some homemade remedies were used which were really effective full even today. These remedies are famously known as Dadimaa ke Nuskhe were used to treat people. Here are the top 8 benefits of Fuller’s Earth.

One of the oldest and best beauty hack is Multani Mitti. Multani Mitti is actually a form of clay, naturally obtained in the nature, and has numerous magical effects on the metabolism of body. It is used to eliminate various possible diseases from the body, especially the skin, with the maximum attention towards how to make your skin more attractive!

Fuller’s Earth and its benefits
Fuller’s Earth and its benefits

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Here, are top 8 benefits of Fuller’s earth:

1. Say bye -bye to oily skin

Use Multani Mitti if you want to get rid of oily skin. Multani Mitti is best known for curing the problems of Oily Skin. When you wake up, just wipe your nose or forehead with the help of a clean tissue. If you find marks of oil on the tissue, it means your skin is oily. Simple way to prevent is to make a paste of Multani Mitti with rose water and apply it on your skin in the form of a mask, for a few hours. After washing your face off, you will get a sigh of relief. A simple way to get rid of oily skin is to put a mask of Multani Mitti for an hours. You will definitely get rid of it.

2. Blood Circulation

It doesn’t only help you to get rid of oily skin but it has other health benefita too. This naturally healing product has a tendency to improve metabolism of our body. All our body parts work simply due to blood. Our heart pumps the blood with such a pressure that it reaches all the organs of human body! But this circulation needs to be proper, only then will our body be able to co-ordinate with our mind. Multani Mitti is said to have a property that improves blood circulation.

3. Curing allergies

Multani Mitti also help us you to cure any type of allergy. Always remember “Prevention is always better than cure”. Multani Mitti acts as a great source of curing skin allergies. Fuller’s Earth does not only cure skin allergies, but also is a great remedy to various forms of Skin Infections. Mix some amount of Multani Mitti with rose water and some camphor, and you are good to go! Infection will disappear.

Fuller’s Earth and its benefits
Fuller’s Earth and its benefits

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4. Hair

It is very good for hair too. Multani Mitti aka fuller’s earth can be used on any body part, granted the use is strictly external, as at the end of the day, it is a form of clay, which if swallowed, would cause digestion problems. If you want silky and beautiful hair then apply Multani mitti on your hair. Avoid shampoo.

5. Bodywash

We are sure that you spend thousand bucks every month to buy a bodywash. What if we tell you that you can save a whole lot of money and can remain much fresher and healthier than you used to feel after using these products! Yes, an exceptional use of Multani Mitti is in making body wash. For this purpose, mix Multani Mitti with oatmeal powder, neem powder, haldi (turmeric), chandan powder and milk and form a solution of even consistency. Store it in a bottle and use it as a body wash! It is healthy and is going to prevent you from any probably skin condition.

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