Top 7 reasons why we can’t live without Maggi!

‘Maggi’ is the ultimate love: Here is why we can’t live without it!

Maggi is our ultimate love, no matter how many new noodles have come in its way. Over the years, Maggi has gone from being a snack for children to having a place in the street food pantheon of India. It is now everyone’s favourite solution to ill-timed pangs of hunger. Kids love it, college students swear by it. Every second person loves Maggi, so here are few reasons why Maggi has become an integral part our lives.


1. Late night hunger solution is Maggi. Do you remember when you used to do late night study, who came to rescue you guys, it’s none other than our favourite noodles- Maggi.

2. If you have stayed in a hostel at any point of your life, you will understand the importance of Maggi than nobody else.

3. Hardly matters how any good stalls has been opened nearby your college but Maggi point is always a best food corner.

4 Probably, the only Dish you can never get wrong. Soupy or a bit dry it always turns out just right and perfect.


5. Planning house party, Maggi is a perfect dish to be served. You can show your innovations while preparing it.

6. Maggi is no more let then a treat to your friends. People love to eat it.

7. There is something so satisfying about putting a fork full of Maggi in your mouth and then slurping up the noodles.

Maggi Maggi Maggi

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