Top 6 reasons why strong women believe in the power of being ‘Single’

 woman who love to live by her own!

It’s high time to break the stereotypes that woman cannot survive without a man in a society. Of course, they can survive. Undoubtedly, relationships are the best thing that can happen to human beings. Choosing our mate and living happily with them him/her is a dream of millions. Isn’t it? But women are often hurt by the relationships they are investing in. You know why because they give chances to those men who actually dull their shine. Being a strong woman doesn’t mean you need to strong by physique rather it means strong by your mind and heart which is much needed.

Basically, strong women prefer to go single beyond her life instead of spending a life with a man who doesn’t know her worth.

Strong Women

1. We can spoil ourselves: Strong women pamper themselves, whether that means spending a night in with a face mask or watching a good film. When it comes to finding a partner, we want someone who can give us things like loyalty and good communication rather than jewellery or a fancy home-cooked meal. If we can not get the first two things from the guy we are dating, his ability to provide the latter two things is not going to be enough to make us stick around.

2. We do not need anyone dragging us down: Powerful, driven women know how to set a target and never take our eyes away from it and anyone who tries to distract us from our goals is not going to be around for very long. We know that insecure guys have no place in our lives and that we will regret it if we let a man create even a small obstacle on the way to achieving our dreams. So, we better to remain single.

3. We know occasional loneliness is better than everyday heartache! Even the toughest women get lonely sometimes, and there is nothing wrong with that. But strong women know that even the nights we spend wishing we had someone to cuddle with are better than nights spent wondering why a guy has not texted us back. What’s your take?

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4. We do not need a man holds us up: Everyone needs someone to lean on when times get tough, but strong women know that we do not need a lame excuse for a boyfriend to use as an emotional wall. We have other sources of support, like friends and family, and when we have no choice but to go it alone, we know how to power through and make it out on the other side even stronger. We handle our stuff by ourselves.

5. We surround ourselves with best people: If you can pick your own apples, why would you choose a rotten one? Strong women choose their social circles carefully, which means that anyone who’s even remotely toxic is going to be cut out immediately. We’re not going to go through all that effort just to let a sub-par guy have a free pass, no matter how hot he is. They know with whom they can jell well with.

6. We know our worth well: It is easy to settle for a man when you think that he is all you deserve, but strong women know better than that. We know we all have areas where we could improve, but we are not going to set the bar too low just because we are not perfect. Truly confident women will never stay with a guy just because we think he is the best we can get, and we have rather be single than settle for less than we deserve.

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