Top 6 common mistakes we all do while washing your face

Few tips to wash your face properly

We all want flawless skin but it has become really difficult today. Pollution makes our skin dull. So to keep our skin healthy and glowing one should know tricks to clean their face properly. Here are few common mistakes we all make while washing our face.

Use facewash twice a day
Use facewash twice a day

1.Selecting the wrong product

Firstly, you have to select the suitable cleanser that removes dirt, dead skin and make-up. Use a product which is not harsh on your face. Always choose the right product for your skin type- normal, dry, ache-prone, oily or sensitive. Oily skin type people should use foaming or gel cleanser and dry skin people should use creamy and hydrating cleansing lotion.

Getting smooth and glowing skin
Getting smooth and glowing skin

2.Keeping the product for long time

Some people use the cleanser and store it for a long term. It could smell the same but the quality of the product doesn’t remain the same. So use the products within the expiry date.

3.Using warm water direct on face

Warm water can remove the skin’s natural oil and dry up the skin but can adversely affect your skin. It’s better to use lukewarm water to gently cleanse the face.

4.Rubbing the face with towel

Always use your hands only to scrub the face. Don’t rub it with a towel. Rubbing our skin with a towel pulls the skin and can damage it. You should gently pat the towel.

5.Using wipes on face

Face wipes smell nice and it might remove the oil, dirt and make- up, but it does not clean or remove the dirt from our face because you are not washing the face.

6.Moisturizing the face later

We should apply the moisturizer after washing the face. It is the best way to keep it hydrated. .

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