Top 5 reasons why only ‘Good Employees’ quit!

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Quitting is the final solution for every employee to get rid of every mess

Working in any organization is not easy. Office politics, unexpected promotions, conflicts can lead to many problems. This is all what we always experience. It is pretty incredible how often you hear managers complaining about their best employees leaving, and they really do have something to complain about—few things are as costly and disruptive as good people walking out the door.

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Here are top 5 things every boss does that force their employees to pack their bags!

1. They overwork people

Nothing burns good employees out quite like overworking them. It is so tempting to work your best people hard that managers frequently fall into this trap. Good employees often get irritated by doing overwork. They are always overburdened. If you must increase how much work your talented employees are doing, you had better increase their status as well. Talented employees will take on a bigger workload, but they won’t stay if their job suffocates them in the process. Raises, promotions, and title-changes are all acceptable ways to increase workload.

2. They don’t care about their employees

More than half of people who leave their jobs do so because of their relationship with their boss. They do not have that good relationship with their boss. Smart companies make certain their managers know how to balance being professional with being human. These are the bosses who celebrate an employee’s success, empathize with those going through hard times, and challenge people, even when it hurts.

3. They promote wrong people

Good, hard-working employees want to work with like-minded professionals. When managers do not do the hard work of hiring good people, it is a major demotivator for those stuck working alongside them. Promoting the wrong people is even worse. It comes on the ego of those hardworking people.

Few bad gestures
Few bad gestures

4. They don’t let pursue people their passion

It is the biggest reason why good employees quit. Talented employees are passionate. Providing opportunities for them to pursue their passions improves their productivity and job satisfaction. But many managers want people to work within a little box. This actually decreases their productivity.

5. They fail to develop people skills

When managers are asked about their inattention to employees, they try to excuse themselves, using words such as “trust,” “autonomy,” and “empowerment”. Good managers manage, no matter how talented the employee. They pay attention and are constantly listening and giving feedback.

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