Top 5 reasons why men do not approach women?

Do you know why most of the men fail to approach women?

Well, it is widely accepted fact that man always approach woman. Isn’t it? Don’t you think we are still living in stereotypical society? If you are a girl and you have taken an initiative to approach a guy, then you have really done something out of the box. So, let’s not deviate from our discussion. Here, we are going to discuss why men do not approach women even when they are interested in you.

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Have you ever experienced a time when you think you have been in the right place at the right time, and saw a great guy, and yet nothing happened between the two of you ?And has this happened more than a few times?

You may assume you are friendly and approachable, but without realizing it yourself, you may be dropping cues that push away any guy who wants to talk to you!

Here are few reasons why men do not approach women? Here is how to fix it!

He is there and you are there. The smell of something new and exciting is in the air, yet nothing is happening, and you have no idea why.

Here are the 5 most common mistakes most women make when it comes to making themselves appear approachable. Avoid all these too common errors, and you will see that getting a guy to walk up to you and say hello at a coffee shop would be as easy as taking a sip of that cappuccino you are having!

1. You are always busy on your phone: Few things scream “stay away! Like constantly having your phone in your hands. It does not matter if you are talking, texting or surfing the net, it is as if you have hung a big do-not-disturb sign over your forehead. The only somewhat acceptable exception is if you are reading an e-book or an article truly worthy of your undivided attention. Believe it or not, this will show on your face, in your posture and the general impression you make on people, giving you a more thoughtful and intelligent look. Try to explore the world outside your phone.

Be more approachable

2. You hardly make an eye contact: You cannot really blame a man for not coming over to talk to you, if you could not be bothered to even look at him now and then. We would not go as far as to use the “eyes are the window to the soul”. A quick, shy glance or a long, intent look, both combined with a warm smile is how you let a guy know you are interested. Try to make an eye contact as long as you can. Show that you too seem interested.

3. Sometimes you actually behave rudely: You might behave in rude manner sometimes. Rude behavior is a huge turn off for any guy, irrespective of whether he is just trying to catch your eye, or he is sitting across the table on a first date. If you are perceived as rude or annoyingly moody, the chances of a guy approaching you drop down to a zero almost immediately! If you too are interested in a guy try to show your decent side to him.

4. You are too busy: There is nothing wrong with going out and looking for a good time. We will say it again; there is nothing wrong with wanting to have fun, just as long as you know the difference between being a cheerful flirt and an easy picking. Try to shell out some time and enjoy your life fullest.

5. You are not giving time him to catch you alone: This is a major problem. So you are out with a bunch of your friends, dressed to kill, laughing, dancing, and having a blast. To add to all the excitement, there is this cute guy you think is eyeing you. Ah, what a night! But why is he not coming over? By now you are sure you have caught his attention and it’s plain as day that he is interested in you.

You know how they say there is safety in numbers? When it comes to flirting, the only safety you gain by never separating from the group is an almost perfect firewall between you and any men that want to talk to you. Give the poor guy a chance to catch you alone. Go to the bar and get a drink, step outside for a breath of fresh air or come up with some other excuse to wander away from your friends for a minute.

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