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Top 5 Quirky Karva Chauth gifts for Husbands

Top 5 Quirky Karva Chauth gifts for Husbands: Time to make him feel special 

Karva Chauth is one of the biggest festivals of Hindus. It is celebrated all across North India with utmost zeal by all the married women. Karva Chauth celebrates the beauty of husband and wife’s relationship. The two pillars of a family. The festival falls on the fourth day of Kartik Month. On this day, married women, the ones who are reaching marriageable age observe fast and pray for the good health of their husbands. They don’t even drink water.

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Karva Chauth celebrates the beauty of Husband and wife bond. Their love for each other is eternal, and they complete each other. Well, the modern generation also loves this festival. Fron B- town to commoners, the festival is celebrated with zeal all across the Nothern India.

Here are 5 quirky Karva Chauth gift ideas for husbands. Gone are the days when it was only husband’s responsibility to make her wife feel special by presenting her beautiful gifts.  Now, women believe in the concept of equalitarian. It’s time to make him special.

Here, we go!

1.Love story Caricature

You can gift this to your husband with a cute message. The caricature of two faces along with a lovely message would be a romantic gift for your husband’s workstation.

2. Photoframe with all your promises

This one is in trend. You can get your best photo framed along with all seven promises that you made to each other. You can add some of your other promises that you have made to each other.

3.  Park Avenue’s Men Combo

Park Avenue’s Men Combo grooming kit will also be perfect for the occasion. Your partner in crime, the one who loves you unconditionally. Words are not enough to show how much you love him. Gifting him Park Avenue grooming kit will make him feel special.  Every time he steps out of the house, he will feel fresh and special.

4. Watch Moon together at some special place

How romantic? You, he and a beautiful moon view. You can book the place in advance and you both can go to some special place this Karva Chauth. It could be a beach, mountain, resort or any other place.

5. Spend some quality time

He will go to the office, and you will be busy with preparations of Karva Chauth. We know you don’t want to keep anything for the last moment. But do not forget to spend some quality time with him. After all, it’s Karvachauth.

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