Top 5 health risks of social media, here is all you need to know

Health Risks of Social media, here is all you need to know

  • Development of heart disease and diabetes
  • Social media addiction
  • Social media can make people anti-social
  • Social media can lead to paranoia
  • Is it time to step away

Social media has made our lives easier. It is a good medium to connect with people. It is also a great platform to make money. But have you ever wondered about the negative effects it could have on your health, especially on your mind. Here are top five health risks of social media, take a look.
It’s hard to deny the growing presence of social media in our lives, and brands have been quick in reaping its benefits.

Social media and its addiction

The advent of social media platform like face book and twitter has completely changed the online scene allowing us to exchange insights, feeling, expressions, and other media like never before.
This may seem harmless, but some researchers have suggested that social media may have negative effects on our health and can adversely impact our productivity.

Social media usage is highest among youngsters and which result in distraction in studies, weak eyesight, and sometimes it can lead to severe headaches.

Social media can contribute to the development of heart diseases and diabetes:

It is not social media, but the amount of the time you spend sitting in front of the computer that could lead the various health problem like diabetes and heart disease. But social media is the most popular pass time on the web. You have got good cause to be concerned.

Studies subjected that couple of hours a day sitting in front of the computer could increase the risk of the person developing type 2 diabetes by 20%, and the risk of getting heart disease by 20%.

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Social media can make people anti- social

Social media users usually miss the most important things in life because they spend too much time on internet.
Many social media platform allow us to keep in touch with family and friends who live far away. It even helps shy lonely people forge new people, but this could be dangerous in many other ways.

Is it time to stay away

  • You feel like spending more and more time on social media
  • You constantly think about or plan to use social media
  • You feel moody, or restless whenever you can’t use it.
  • You try and fail to control your social media habits.
  • You neglect other aspects of your life in favor of social media.

Excess of everything is bad for health and same goes with social media too. If you use it in limit, it can do wonders, but if it will be excessively used, it can become destructive.

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