Top 5 Food Bloggers in Delhi who will heal your foodgasm

5 Food Bloggers in Delhi who will heal your craving for good food

“Good food, a good life!” is absolutely a perfect statement. A plate full of good, mouthwatering food can definitely heal your tongue and please your heart. Well, we have heard of orgasm, but now, we have identified an unconditional love for food and that is nothing less than foodgasm. But who is creating this foodgasm? Who are these people who every now and then post some lip-smacking food, oozing deserts and tumblers of refreshing drinks and shakes? Yes, you guessed them right, we are talking about amazing food bloggers in Delhi.

Well, when we are talking about these food bloggers, let’s see who are the top 5 food blogger in f Delhi.

Top 5 Food Bloggers in Delhi from Rank 5 to1

5. Techfoodlifestyle 

Techfoodlifestyle is a food blog handled by Karan Luthra. An engineer turned photographer turned food blogger is one of the brightest stars of the blogging world. His pictures will blow your mind and take you to another level of foodporn.

4. Thefoodattacker 

Thefoodattacker of Instagram freak Karan Singhal is the rawest and creative food blog one can ever see in Delhi. His bio says 90% veg and non-veg lover that shows his versatility in food selection. ‘Meetha’(sweet) is love for him, and is best reflected on his blog. If you have a sweet tooth, he is the person you should follow.

3. Foodie_incarnate

“I will find you and I’ll make you hungry” this is what Amar Sirohi, parent of foodie_incarnate says. Perhaps the only blogger who is verified on Instagram and Zomato. He can make you lusty for food. His blog is the most interactive of them all, why? Because of the cute, sensible and food-loving bios. He has 128k followers on Instagram and hence, his blog is definitely a must-visit.

2. foodiesince96

Megan Dhawan is the mother of foodiesince96 and is absolutely an amazing parent. The way she adorns her blog is enough to drive a river in your mouth. For her, we can say, creative an passionate.

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1. zingyzest 

zingy zest is handled by Sarah Hussain and she is absolutely the best. Raw and free food freak, Sarah is a verified Instagram blogger. The best part of her blog is that there is an emotion. Love for food is what we can figure out from her blog.

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So, these are One World News picked best food bloggers who are always ready to heal your foodgasm. Check them out and stay foodie!!

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