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Top 5 crazy daily soaps you can only see on Indian Television!

Five Indian Daily Soaps that will make you go crazy!

We Indians are crazy for daily soaps. Not only women even men love to watch them. But sometimes Indian Television broadcast ridiculous shows that even get immense popularity among viewers. Today, we will talk about TV shows that you can watch only in India. These shows might enjoy a great amount viewership in India but there is something completely wrong with their content.

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Here, are 5 out of the box TV shows that you can witness in India only!

1. Pehredar Piya Ki: This is one of the bizarre show that was aired on Indian TV. PPK has gone through lot of a criticism from various actors which led makers to end the show immediately. In this show a 20- year -old girl fall in love with 9 –year- old kid and they even got married.

2. Y. A. R. O ka Tashan : Do robots have emotions? Of course not! But Indian television shows totally different picture. In Indian TV robots fall in love and even get married.

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3 Naagin : How can we forget most popular short of Indian TV. An ichachadhaari Naagin enters a household to take revenge of her parents’ death by marrying a human and ends by falling in love with son of maa-baba’a killer.

4. Shakti Astitva ke Ehsaas ki: In real life we have never really seen a man falling in love with a transgender character. But in this show, Harman has decided to spend his entire life with Saumya, a transgender.

5. Koshish ek aasha : Kajal played by Sandha Mridul gets betrayed by her parents to marry a mentally challenged man. She falls in love with him.

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