Top 12 Animated Movies of All Time

Top 12 Animated Movies

No matter how much we grow-up, there is a child hidden inside all of us. At some point, we all want to forget all our miseries and go back to our carefree childhood days. Watching cartoons or animated movies is quite a help for re-living those golden days. Here One World News has brought the list of best 12 animated movies you should never think of missing.

Lion king:

Top 12 Animated Movies - oneworldnews

Directed by Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff, Lion King released on June 15, 1994 is a heroic coming. A story which follows the epic adventures of a young lion cub named Simba as he struggles to accept the responsibilities of adulthood and his destined role as king of the jungle. The film was praised for its music, story and animation. It finished its run as the highest-grossing release of 1994. Following a 3D re-release in 2011, with earnings of over US $987 million worldwide as of 2011, the film is the highest-grossing hand-drawn film in history, the highest-grossing 2D animated film in the United States and the 20th-highest-grossing feature film of all the time.

Finding Nemo:

Top 12 Animated Movies - oneworldnews

This animated movie released in 2003, yet it resides in everyone’s heart and mind as fresh. Nemo is the character who made home in everyone’s heart. The film received widespread critical acclaim, won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature and was nominated in three more categories including ‘Best Original Screenplay’. It was the second highest-grossing film of 2003, earning a total of $936 million worldwide. Finding Nemo is the best-selling DVD of all time, with over 40 million copies sold as of 2006. It is the 26th highest-grossing film of all time, as well as the 5th highest-grossing animated film. In 2008, the American Film Institute named it the 10th greatest animated film ever made as part of their 10 Top 10 lists.


Top 12 Animated Movies - oneworldnews

Who doesn’t loves Arabic tales, I’m a big fan of Jasmine’s beautiful eyes and Aladdin’s bravery and I don’t think I need to mention of Genie because he’s always in our heart. One of the best animated movie so far, Aladdin came on November 25, 1992 produced and released by Walt Disney came with positive reviews and was the most successful film of 1992, it earned over $217 million in revenue in the United States, and over $504 million worldwide. Film also won many awards most of it was because if its soundtrack. The Return of Jafar, Aladdin and the King of Thieves were the sequel of Aladdin movie.



Top 12 Animated Movies - oneworldnews

Tangled, a movie which would not let you get tangled in the story and gives you a sigh of relief in your busy life’s schedule. Tangled is an animated, musical fantasy film which is produced by Walt Disney Animation Studio and by Walt Disney Pictures in 2010. Loosely based on the German fairy tale “Rapunzel”, it is the 50th animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series. Featuring the voices of Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi, and Donna Murphy, the film tells the story of a lost princess with long magical hair who yearns to leave her secluded tower. Against her mother’s wishes, she accepts the aid of a handsome intruder to take her out into the world which she has never seen. It signifies true love is the all power you need to overcome all the hurdles.

How to train your dragon:

Top 12 Animated Movies - oneworldnews

How to train your dragon is a 2010 American 3D animated film which is based on the British book by Cressida Cowell. This fantasy film is directed by Chris Sanders and Dean Deblois.


The story takes place in the magical world of dragon slayer and unlike his clan, the main lead is soft hearted and has no desire to kill the dragons and befriends it. Film earned nearly $500 million worldwide. Movie won the Best Animated Feature and ten Annie Awards. Following its great success How to Train Your Dragon 2 was released on July 13, 2014 which was also a great success.


Top 12 Animated Movies - oneworldnews

Released by Warner Bros on June 27, 2008 WALL-E crossed $23.2 million on its opening day and $63.1 million was crossed on its first week highest ranking as 5th highest earning from an opening weekend Pixar film. The story made people think about future without planet Earth and to take measures to save earth ad make it a better place to live. The main character of the movie is WALL-E who is a robot and is designed to clean up an abandoned, waste-covered Earth, far in the future. He falls in love with another robot named EVE, who also has a programmed task, and follows her into outer space on an adventure that changes the destiny of both his kind and humanity. Both robots exhibit an appearance of free will and emotions similar to humans, which develop further as the film progresses.

Mega mind:

Top 12 Animated Movies

It is one of the brilliant movies to watch with the feeling of hatred turned into love. Mega Mind is a movie different from the usual league. It revolves around a villain from a different world who turns into a super hero. The film premiered on October 28, 2010 in Russia, while it was released in the United States in Digital 3D, IMAX 3D and 2D on November 5, 2010. It features the voices of Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill, David Cross, and Brad Pitt.


Top 12 Animated Movies - oneworldnews

If you are a food lover you cannot afford to miss this movie. Even the title refers to a French dish, “ratatouille”, which is served at the end of the movie. Ratatouille is a French American comedy film produced by Pixar. The film grossed $623.7 million at the box office and received critical acclaim. The film later won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, among other honors. In the end, this story teaches that you can only gain success from your hard, nothing else.


Top 12 Animated Movies - oneworldnews

“I like to move it move it” does this track makes you tap your feel unstoppably? Yes, all Madagascar lovers are familiar with this awesome track and I am sure no one can stop tapping their feet to the beats. Fist part was released in 2005 this film deals with the group of few animals those are friends and steps out to explore the world. A sequel, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, was released on November 7, 2008. The third film in the series, Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, was released on June 8, 2012. All parts mainly focusses on the power of friendship of animals, who escapes from central park zoo to travel the world.

Despicable Me:

Top 12 Animated Movies - oneworldnews

Minions, the most favorite cartoon character of this decade, I mean who doesn’t love them and their weird language! Despicable Me is an animated 3D comedy film by Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment. Released on July 9, 2010, the movie was directed by Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud, based on an original story by Sergio Pablos. This story revolves around a father who is a villain and whose heart changes from a villain becomes a good father for the sake of his daughters.

Ice age:

Top 12 Animated Movies - oneworldnews

Animated-3D, comedy, drama, adventure etc. Ice Age is a movie which has it all. Produced by Blue Sky Studios and distributed by 20th Century Fox, the movie is directed by Carlos Saldanha and Chris Wedge from a story by Michael J. Wilson. The film was nominated at the 75th Academy Awards for best animated feature. This film fanaticizes the scenario of ice age era how animals used to live and what obstacles they used to face. It also tells how important friendship is to rise in life.


Top 12 Animated Movies - oneworldnews

Released on 1998, Mulan is an animated movie based on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan. The movie is produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and it won several Annie Awards, including Best Animated Feature and several Individual achievement awards.

Mulan is a movie about women empowerment and how a woman can do all that she aspires. The story revolves around a girl who wants to become a warrior but she isn’t allowed because according to Chinese customs only a man can participate in war. The story is about her she struggles to be a part of the war and at last how she brings victory to the nation.

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