Top 10 Tips to Beat the Blues


Feeling blue is actually a pun used to describe a low mood or a depressed state of mind. The first step to overcome it is the acknowledgement or awareness of the feeling.

Most of the times the state of feeling blue is transient but sometimes external help is needed to beat the blues. Well, people have different ways to handle ‘the blues’. A positive mindset is indeed the best and the assured way to cope with such feelings.

The easiest pathway to lasting happiness is feeling good and positive about oneself and things around. You have to be confident about yourself and have to void all the negativity around. Resorting to any wrong means to cope with depressive feelings may have serious implications not only on the normal body functions but also on your mental peace.

Best 10 Tips to Beat the Blues:

Here are top 10 tips to deal with negative feelings that may make you feel down or tired out. Try these tips to benefit yourself and feel elated!

1. Do Some Exercises:

Exercising for just 30 minutes can do wonders for you. Exercises increases blood circulation and your brain gets more oxygen. This generates a feeling of freshness and revives you. Are Endorphins or ‘feeling good hormones’ are released by exercises which bring about a sense of wellness.

So walk for half an hour and see the incredible results!

2. Get a Makeover:

External appearance definitely affects your confidence level. It might sound shallow but it is true to the core. Spruce up and boost your morale! Get a makeover such as have a new haircut, wear a good outfit and see how blues pass off.

3. Take a Nap:

Stress and fatigue may drain down any individual. Take at least 6-8 hours of adequate sleep. Remember your mind needs sufficient rest to regain the lost energy and feel fresh again. Take good nap to wake fresh and revived!

4. Watch out What You Eat:
A balanced and nutritious diet is extremely imperative to ensure your body functions properly and efficiently. Diet is essential not only for having a healthy body but also a sound mind.Increase the fibre content in your diet as it helps digestion and yields more energy. Sugar is an instant energy provider but within an hour the energy boost falls and makes you dull and prosaic.

5. Pen Down Your Negative Thought:

Feeling absurd? Well writing down negative emotions and feelings on paper help you analyze them properly. It provides a sense of relief and comfort as the bottled up emotions get a vent.

6. Visit a Spa:

Massage and aromatherapy spa in case are extremely beneficial in alleviating a down spirit. Visit a nearby spa in case you feel low and dispirited. Music may add an additional benefit to lift your mood.

7. Enjoy Y our Own Company:

Spend some quality time in your introspection. Some quiet moments spent in self-analysis are helpful in keeping a balance between your IQ and EQ. It also help you overcome anger and nervousness.

8. Plan Your Routine:

Well planned and prioritized goals and vivid thoughts provide clear direction and instil a feeling of well-being thus imbibing confidence and stability that avert low and depressive feelings.Energize your low spirit and make substantial and concrete plans.

9. Indulge in Some Funny Activity:

Engage yourself in activities such as reading a funny novel, solving a crossword, singing, dancing, writing, etc. Such activities can do magic in reviving your dull spirit.

10. Go on a Vacation:

Monotonous lifestyle may have a toll on anyone if some enjoyable moments are not spent.Spend some time in nature’s vicinity and freshen up your drained soul. Head towards a mountain or a beautiful beach and pamper yourself!

Bonus Advice!

Learn to say No:

Get into the habit of saying no if you do not want to do so. Don’t do things merely to please others. Pay no heed to what others say or think about you. Do what you feel is right. Gratifying others at the expense of your happiness should never be done.

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