Top 10 forever memories from our favorite show C.I.D

C.I.D to go off -air: Daya, Kuch Toh Gadbad Hai 

90’s kids can never forget C.I.D. The crime drama was an integral part of our life. Well, after a 21- year run, the show is going off air. But you need not worry, the channel has confirmed that it will be back with a bang.  The final episode will be telecasted on October 27. Notably, CID was the longest running show on Sony Entertainment Television. Tweepals are not happy with the news and are requesting makers not end the show. According to reports, productions and CID will not take an intermittent break starting from October 28, 2018.

 cid to go offair

The show has given us great memories, dialogues and recently even memes. We all are going to miss it.

The hardcore fans of CID are going to miss the show badly. Here are top 10 memories from the show.

1. Daya, Kuch toh Gadbad hai

ACP Pradyuman’s favorite dialogue. Daya, kuch toh Gadbad hai. This has become his trademark. Whenever he found something suspicious he would say, ” Daya, kuch toh Gadbad hai”.

2. Darwaza tod do Daya

Daya is the most powerful man in their team. Daya is every time ordered-  “Yeh Darwaza tod do” To check whether someone is there or not?

3. No one ever got a promotion on the show

Has that ever happened on the show? Daya, Abhijeet and ACP Pradyuman all are working in the same position from last 21 years. They never got a promotion. Now, this is called ‘ Dedication’

4. The super-dramatic confessions

The suspect gets a tight slap from Daya in every episode and confesses to committing a crime. So, there is no other way. The suspect will get a tight slap from Daya and will confess his or her crime.

5. The seven employees of C.I.D

Yes, the entire team only has seven employees on the floor. Which means no addition and no retirement.

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6. Daya, goli seene mai lagi hai matlab kisne samne se maari hogi

During the investigations – It was one of the famous dialogues.

7. No Police only C.I.D

Every crime is handled by C.I.D. There is no involvement of the Police. They don’t even appear for a guest appearance.

8. TATA Qualis – C.I.D ka saathi

There was no other car used. From past 21 years, TATA Qualis remained the prime sponsor of the show.

9. The Epic – “Oh My God, laash “

Every time when they see a dead body. The epic reaction comes – ” Oh My God, Laash”.

10. Dr. Salunke and his assistant

The forensic team of two people. No addition in the team and no retirement.

Well, we all are eagerly waiting for the revamped version of C.I.D. Till then, you stay tuned to One World News.

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