5 tell-tale Signs that Your Tooth has a Cavity

How to find out the presence of a cavity in the tooth?

Cavities are bad for teeth. They can weaken and destroy the tooth structure gradually. If not treated timely, the little holes in the teeth can grow bigger and lead to tooth decay and tooth loss prematurely. The good thing, however, is that cavities are entirely preventable if you get the right treatment for them. They are mostly caused by excessive consumption of sugars and poor oral hygiene. If you don’t brush and floss the teeth, the bacteria in the mouth will convert the foods into acids to gnaw away at the tooth enamel causing cavities. You, however, can easily find out the presence of a cavity in the tooth.

Here are some tell-tale signs that your tooth has a cavity –

1. Toothaches

Pain in the tooth or toothache is easily the most obvious sign that there is a cavity in the tooth. When our tooth decays, it causes pain ranging from mild to severe depending on the severity and location of the problem. And if the cavity has intensified, you may then experience toothaches during the day and night. Your jaw may also get enflamed apart from the dull pain in the mouth. If any of these signs are experienced, you must understand that there is a cavity and you must consult the dentist.

2. Hyper Sensitivity

Sensitivity to hot or cold foods is one of the most common signs that you have a cavity in the tooth. when you have a cavity, there will be a tingling sensation in the teeth with hot or cold food items. This sensation of sensitivity can also reach to the root of the tooth and soft gums. Eating or drinking will become difficult due to constant sensation and when all this happens, you should understand that the cavity has made its presence in the tooth and it needs treatment and consultation from the dentist.

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3. Dark spots on your teeth

Pain is always not the sign to recognize the presence of a cavity in the tooth. In some cases, there will be a small dark spot on the tooth that will not be removed by brushing alone. Such spots are common when the cavity has struck on the flat side of a molar. Such dark spots don’t come with pain in most cases but that does not mean they are not signs of a cavity. If one of these spots is visible, it’s always better to consult the dentist and get it checked for treatment.

4. Persistent bad breath of bad taste in the mouth

If you have persistent bad breath, this could also be a sign of cavity in the tooth. Bad taste in the mouth may also indicate the presence of little holes in the mouth which you need to get treated at the earliest. Food choices, dry mouth, and bacteria are some of the major reasons why we have persistent bad breath. But cavities can also lead to a foul breath in the mouth and if the breath continues to feel bad, it’s always necessary to consult the dentist for treatment.

5. Sticky feel with biting

Our bites are normal and smooth when our dental health is good. We don’t feel any issue with bite when our teeth are free of disease. However, the presence of cavities may make the biting feel sticky and tarry which is like something making the bite to stop. When that happens, you should visit a dental clinic nearby and get the treatment. After all, cavities are preventable if you seek timely treatment. Well, these are signs that indicate the presence of cavities in the tooth and you should not take them lightly ever.

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