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To fight the tough time you need ‘Love & Food’, Annsagar is filling up people with both!  

Annsagar, an initiative by Tanisha Bakshi to spread love, happiness, and warmth!  Read more about it here


Goodness is a choice. We choose to practice empathy, right? (It is a conscious choice) In a time, where everything is hazy and life seems to be unpredictable, it is important to extend our helping hands to those who are in need. Corona has changed our lives forever. But what it couldn’t change is our spirit of standing with each other. During this tough, a lot of people are working relentlessly to make a difference in someone’s life. One such organization is Annsagar. Based in Gurugram, Annsagar is working towards making India Hunger-Free. Founded by young and passionate artist Tanisha Bakshi, Annsagar aims to spread smiles, warmth, and happiness.  Notably, the organization was founded in the year 2017. Annsagar is providing free meals to underprivileged of all age groups for more than 2+ years now.

The enthusiastic team of Annsagar makes sure that nobody stays hungry. Apart from distributing free meals, they also aim to reach underprivileged kids to provide them with educational material. Annasagar Foundation is making efforts to make sure that these children never fall short of study materials as every child deserves encouragement, happiness, and quality education.


Annsagar – Milestones: Let us take a look

During the time of distress and unexpected event of the COVID 19 pandemic, the Annsagar team worked around the clock to help people in need. They distributed 2500 +  food boxes twice a day and made sure that nobody goes to sleep empty stomach. They adhered to all safety measures and worked hard to reach out to people in need. Well, Annsagar works for a number of causes. Take a look here:

  1. Free Healthy Food for All
  2. Stray Animals Welfare
  3. Every child deserves clean water
  4. Making India Hunger-Free


(They helped everyone who was in need by spreading the word)

During the lockdown, they also joined hands with NOVICA.com and ran a campaign called ‘ COVID SAFETY DRIVE’.  Through this campaign, they decided to educated people about the importance of social distancing. They distributed safety essentials and face masks to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Words from the Director

Tanisha is a young and passionate artist. She has a strong interest in child and animal welfare. Tanisha paints emotions on the canvas.  She does realistic paintings and deals with human emotions. While painting on the slum life in India, she came across a lot of students who did not have access to food and education.  Tanisha decided to make a difference, and then Annsagar was born.  Tanisha believes every child is special and they all deserve the best. Her dedication and continuous efforts have changed many lives and she continues to do so.  Well, kudos to this young girl! We need more people like her so that no one sleeps empty stomach.

Read more about her: Tanisha Bakshi, a girl who paints ‘Emotions’ on canvas 

What you can do?

You can volunteer or you can donate. It is always good to indulge in some kind of selfless service. Extending a helping hand to people who are in need can fill you up with a warm feeling.  Talking about the procedure, you can reach out to their official website and fill up a form to be a volunteer. To make your task easy, they have shared their phone number and email address too. Apart from it, you can donate too.

Check out their website:  annsagarfoundation.org/become a volunteer

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