Tips to Make Your Resume Attractive for Your New Job

Learn how to draw up a convincing resume.

A resume is always the first step towards your future career. This piece of paper is the first thing that an employer sees. Therefore, it is essential to create a good impression by presenting a clean and concise CV that gives a brief outlook of your profile.

A resume is a document that contains a candidate’s qualifications, past experience, skill sets, and achievements. This document acts as a valuable tool to help you find a job in your desired company.

With a polished and well-designed CV, you can set yourself apart from other candidates who have applied for the same position as yours. A resume can convince your potential employer that you can be a great asset to the company. When creating your resume, it is crucial to understand the industry and company you are applying to enhance your chances of getting hired.

Make Your Resume Attractive
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How to Make Your CV Attractive to The Employer?

There are many ways through which you can set your resume apart from the rest. What a recruiter looks for in your resume highly depends on the industry, company, and the type of position you are applying for. Let’s take you through some tips that you would find handy when creating your resume.

  • Pick Up Relevant Keywords in The Job Postings.

When applying for a particular job, carefully read the job postings that interest you. As you will study each job description, you will find keywords that emphasize what the employer is looking for in an ideal candidate. Pick those keywords and add them to your resume.

Some resume maker tools have built-in data intelligence that also suggests keywords according to your industry and job position. So, you understand how much value these terms hold in the online job application world.

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  • Review Resume Examples of Your Industry or Job

When crafting your resume, you should have a look at examples of resumes from the same industry as yours. This would give you an idea of how to create your own. Look for three main aspects such as:

Make It Simple and Easy to Read: While checking the samples, look for how it has been crafted and made simple and straightforward to understand. This is because the hiring manager literally takes a few seconds to review CVs, so readability should be the key.

Make It Brief: A detailed CV not only takes up the reader’s time, but it also becomes hard for the user to retain the information. Therefore, you should keep the CV short, brief, and to the point by including a summary of past experience.

Include Numbers: You would find metrics in the experience section of your resume samples. Employers see these numbers as a valuable measure to gauge an employee’s capabilities. It allows them to better understand the value that you will bring to the position.

You will find many such great samples on resume maker tools that would give you an idea of what your CV should look like.

Make Your Resume Attractive
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  • Use a professional font.

Since employers only have a few seconds to review your CV, it should have a clear font that is easy to read. Use fonts like Arial or Times New Roman. You should also ensure the font size used is right. Make sure you eliminate extraneous whitespace; as too much blank space will make your CV seem sparse.

  • Include Relevant Information Only with The Most Important One First

You may have extensive job and educational experience, but it is essential to keep your CV as brief as you can. Include details that are relevant to the current job you are applying for. If the document contains a lot of irrelevant or old information, such as achievements ten years ago or minor degrees, then you may distract the reader from the main information.

Also, put your latest, most relevant, and worth mentioning information on the top. For this, you will have to prioritize your information and select which one holds value in the eyes of the employer.

What Is a Resume Maker, And How Does It Help a Candidate?

A resume maker is an interactive program that contains online resume templates, allowing the user to plug in information and build an impressive resume. With SmallSEOTools resume builder, you can create CVs of any design you like without having to put in much effort. The details will come from you while the design and layout will be generated by this resume creator.

With this free resume maker tool, you can create stunning and professional-looking CVs that employers look for. If you are not an expert in formatting, then this resume builder is definitely for you. It not only saves your time but also gives you different ideas on how well you can present your CV.


A well-designed CV can land you on your dream job. Using a resume maker tool, you can achieve your goals instantly. Just make sure you pick the right resume maker utility that helps you create your CV like a pro!

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