Tips To Have a Good Night, Avoid These Night Habits

Here are some Night Habits that you are doing wrong

In our daily life, we follow certain habits, which seem harmless. However, they are very dangerous. Dinner is the most controversial meal of the day. Many people follow wrong practices at nighttime. In the hustle-bustle of our daily lives, we might lose track of how or what we are eating before we go to bed.

Here are some Night Habits that you are doing wrong

Disclaimer: This article is of informational nature and does not constitute any medical advice.

Late Dinner

Late dinners are more dangerous than anyone can think. Our body needs some time to digest the food. Having a late meal at night can disrupt digestion, make you feel less satisfied, hamper your weight loss, and make you overeat.

Dinner should be done by 8 pm. This will allow the body to digest the food easily. Our body’s metabolism slows down during the evening due to exhaustion and lack of activities.

Early and timely dinner makes it easier for our system to process our meal. This will allow us to have a good night’s sleep.

Eating junk food or heavy food

junk food

Dinner that comprises of junk food is a strict NO-NO for nighttime. These foods are processed,  high in calories and contain complex carbs (carbohydrates). These are difficult to break down and they take a longer time to digest processed foods. Spicy, Overdressed meals with condiments can cause discomfort and water retention. This may lead to bloating and make us feel overly full. Having a light and balanced meal to end your day is the right way to go.

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Soups, salads, or any other option with high protein and low carb values should be chosen. These would provide the right nutrition while also being light on your system and keeping you full.

Overconsumption or under eating

Our body gives us hints about the quantity of food and nutrition we need. Overeating or under consumption of meals can throw us off balance by making us moody, lethargic, or lack energy. All of us know the importance of a balanced diet. Therefore, being mindful of how much we are eating is necessary. Our body should be treated with the right nutrition and fuel without putting any pressure on our digestive system. 

Other post-dinner mistakes

We tend to take a rest after our night meal. Lying down or being lazy after dinner should be avoided. A small walk after dinner is necessary. It helps to balance the lack of activities at night. It rejuvenates and gives the body an extra push of energy.

De Hydration

Hydration is also one of the important aspects. Everyone should take a glass of water half an hour before having dinner. Although it is advisable to drink water after an hour of dinner, it could affect our deep sleep, as we may often urge to urinate during bedtime.

Therefore, substituting it with another liquid will work. We can have a glass of milk with a little haldi, a pinch of black pepper, and a sip of warm water to wash your palate. Such healthy habits have to be formed to keep our bodies hydrated throughout the day.

It will be better to drink water an hour before bedtime. So, the bladder gets the chance to be emptied before sleep time.

Exposure to the digital screen

We should not use any digital screen like mobile phones, computers, or television before going to bed. All these will keep our mind active and may delay our bedtime, as we tend to sit for long hours. Spend some time with family and interact with loved ones. 

family time

Being careful about our Night Habits can bless us with a healthy lifestyle in the long run. Hence, stay sharp, eat well, notice your body language, and listen to your body demands. Be happy!

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