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Tips to Cut Down Belly Fat

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Do you feel ashamed to see oodles of lower belly fat?


There have been times when you love a dress but dread buying it simply because of the extra calories clinging to your waistline.


Here are some easy ways to get rid of those hideous flabs hidden under your waist.


Weight loss is primarily dependent upon the amount of calories you are consuming. Eat a lot of green vegetables and fiber-rich fruits such as guava, apples, papaya, etc.


A balanced combination of diet control and workout works best in sustainable weight loss.


Cardio Exercises:

Swimming, running and aerobic dancing are very effective exercises to burn those extra calories accumulated around your belly.


Strength Training:

Do some strength exercises as they are essential not only for strengthening your body muscles but also aid in weight loss. The most effective strength exercises are straight leg crunch and bicycle crunch.


Diet Control:

Know about the food items you are eating daily. Calculate the calories and consume less than the required calories, cut 100 calories a day. Believe me, it will do wonders and will bring results quickly.


I will advise you to consult a fitness expert and plan you exercise regime targeting the areas having more fat. Next consult a dietician and plan your daily food intake.


With the homework done, start your pursuit to a better shape!




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