How to keep your Father health in check? Tips to keep plan a safe future for your Dad


It’s our time now to look after our parent

The role of a father has always been changing in the modern world. All our fathers have made innumerable sacrifices for us and never let us know any of their hardships. Their every action and hard work are for our betterment. We never seem to understand the way love in parenthood works. Generally, fathers are not exactly known for spending a lot of time on their health and most of the time they juggle with the responsibilities of career and family.

In this hustle and bustle of life they often ignore seeking help from professionals. Be it high cholesterol, or high blood pressure they never seem to budge from their daily chores.

Here are some healthy tips for fathers

Work-life balance:

Men are the primary bread earners and are also involved in kid’s upbringing. While discharging your duties, you should pay equal attention to your limitations and create a balance between different aspects of your.

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Communicate with your father 

Men usually speak very little with their family. Communicate with your father. Ask him about his health and hold some these conversations often

Spend time together 

Life is quite busy and fathers usually spend very little time with their kids.  In order to have a healthy and viable relationship you should spend time with your father . Going out for excursions as outdoor activity will make you both healthy.

Green Diet: Tell him to do! 

Avoid junk food and eat healthy and green fruits and vegetables. It will ease the ageing process and will keep him healthy


Learn to compartmentalize your work and never bring office work to home. Leave all the work stress and enjoy life with parents.

Have Fun:

Being a daddy does not mean they can’t  participate in outdoor activities. Play cricket Or badminton together .This way he will stay healthy as well as will have tremendous fun.

Regular health checkup:

Our father’s always neglect their health amid their duties. They need to know their blood pressure and cholesterol levels and take actions accordingly. Encourage you dads to get regular medical check-ups. Once they reach a certain age.

Diet and exercise

A good and easy way to prevent any disease is to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. A healthy diet includes consumption of right amount of proteins, minerals, carbohydrates and fats. Along with diet, they should make sure to provide the body with exercise.

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Get proper sleep

Father’s tend to avoid an optimum level of sleep. This is mainly due to the amount of workload and stress they take upon themselves. Ask your father to get atleast a 7-hour sleep.

Limit alcohol intake and quiet smoking

Excessive alcohol consumption is a lifestyle-related cause of death in many countries. Too much alcohol in the body can interfere with the testicular function and male hormone levels. This can eventually results in impotence or infertility.

Never ignore symptoms

In their busy schedule for giving us a better life, they often neglect basic signs and symptoms. Most of the symptoms includes, shortness of breath, an unidentified mark on the body, long lasting feeling of fatigue, etc.

Keep these simple tips in mind and have a healthy and safe life.

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