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7 Tips for Gender-Equal Parenting, First Step to achieving Gender Equality

Gender Equality begins from home. Here are the tips for gender-equal parenting

To begin with, it would be irrelevant to emphasize the need for gender equality in the present times. Perhaps we all are aware of it but our biases pull us back from acting forward to bring a change. But what needs to be talked about are the concerns for the present generation and the upcoming generation. The generation to whom, gender equality should be ingrained in their thoughts so well that the gender roles and stereotypes tend to make no sense to them. And for that, the coming generation needs gender-equal parenting, and a gender-equal atmosphere to grow in. Hence, to raise gender-equal children, here are a few gender-equal parenting tips for you.


1. Behave Gender-Equally

Children often learn what they see. If they see only their mother cooking the food, and their father always expecting the dishes ready to serve, they will start perceiving it as a gender role. So, the first step is to be a gender-equal example for your child. This can include sharing the household chores, discussing finance, documentation, etc, and dealing with all the responsibilities as a couple together instead of dividing responsibilities on the basis of stereotypical gender roles.

2. Educate them equally, divide daily chores among them equally

Don’t create the gender of your children as a barrier or defining factor to who should be given how much education and who should do what. Instead, educate your children equally, and make them participate in daily chores equally. Teach both the children, the value of learning the daily chores for their survival.

3. Choose their toys wisely

If you are choosing the toys and games for your child, always try to think of the psychological impact of the toy. Especially if you are buying toys for both your children who are of the opposite gender, refrain from choosing toys that are known to be gender-specific. Either choose the same toy for both or don’t choose their toys for them. Let them choose what they like. Choose toys that are gender neutral otherwise.

4. Don’t Police emotions

Don’t ask your boy child to be man enough. Don’t tell them that they need to be strong. Don’t tell them how men should be. Don’t tell them that they need to be a savior. And don’t tell them how women should be either. Because there is truly no specific way a human being should. Allow them to be how they want to be.


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5. Be mindful of the language you are using

Children are very picky of what their parents say. Never allow your conscious or subconscious biases to come in your language. Don’t say things like the daughter will have to leave the house after marriage or tone policing them because of their gender.

6. Set the same curfew time for both

Don’t define different timings for each child to return home. Make it homogeneous for each of them keeping their safety into consideration.

7. Teach them to be self-dependent

Being self-dependent is important, no matter it is a girl or a boy. Start giving responsibilities to your child from a very early on. Allow them to understand finances, allow them to take responsibility for themselves. It can start from smaller things like washing their dishes on their own.

Well, these are the 7 tips for gender-equal parenting. Share your parenting experience with us in the comments.

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