7 secret tips to follow for exam preparation

How to crack any exam? Here are 7 secret tips to follow 

1. Decide: Night Owl or Early Bird

People often say “Wake Up Early Morning and Study”, however it is not valid for every student. Every individual has their own peak learning time and one must find out that. Peak Learning Time is that time of the day when the learning power is highest. If you prefer studying at night then find your favourable time slot or else if you think studying early morning is your cup of tea then go ahead. So Decide who are you?

2. Prioritize 

Make your study plan chart by prioritizing your lessons according to the difficulty level. Those lessons who need higher attention due to higher difficulty level should be prioritized first over those which are relatively easier to grasp and practice. Prioritizing clears up your mind and enables you to focus on 1 lesson at a time thus increasing the chances of early success.

3. Use the Pomodoro Technique

Studying continuously for hours is not an easy play for everyone. Your mind needs to relax and regain energy to study with enthusiasm. Pomodoro is an effective technique to increase concentration.
How to use: Study for 25 mins. Without any distraction continuously and then take 5 minutes break. Repeat this 4 times. For the fifth time, study for 25 mins,  and then take a long break for up to 30 mins.
This technique increases productivity and helps you to achieve a balance between quality and quantity.

4. Eat Healthy for Healthy Mind

One needs to take a healthy diet to boost memory. Better and healthier the diet, higher the memory retention will be.

Some of the foods which boost memory and improves brain power are:

  • Anti-oxidant rich fruits like berries, banana, citrus fruits and peppers.
  • Nuts of all kinds especially walnuts and almonds.
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Salmon
  • Healthy complex carbohydrates like carrots and oatmeal.
  • Whole Grains
  • Eggs
  • Green Leafy Veggies
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Green Tea
  • Lots of Water

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Some of the foods to avoid since they require time and energy to digest and can make you feel heavy and sleepy:
  • Cookies, cakes and muffins
  • Desserts
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Rice
  • Potatoes
Remember Healthy Outside starts from Healthy Inside.!

5. Manage your time using Sample Papers

Every exam has a specified time allotted to it. Therefore, it is important to write your exam within the given time and for that, you need to practice old sample papers. By practising old sample papers you will be able to manage your time per question and also can check your preparation level. So, Time yourself and start practising sample papers.

6. Relax and Do not Panic

Staying calm and relaxed helps you to focus better. With approaching exams, keep in mind not to panic and shiver. Practice meditation, exercise, dance, play outdoor games, listen to music or anything which helps you to relax your nerves. Remember, be confident, trust your practice and do not compare yourself. Be yourself and give your best shot

7. Sleep well

The last tip and the most vital one is to sleep well. Good sleep will help you to relax your mind and body and freshens you up for your exam day. Make sure to sleep on time before exam day and wake up on time for your exam.
So, these were TOP 7 tips to follow for exam preparation. All the best for your exams.
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