Tinder App for Dogs?  Swipe right to adopt your favorite Pup!

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This country has Tinder Like app for Dogs: Know full details here!

Tinder, the dating app is loved by millennials. Swipe right or left, the choice is yours.  If you are tired of finding a human partner, then we might have good news for you.  A group of Lithuanian animal lovers has developed an app called GetPet. The app has been inspired by the Tinder App, it is used to match shelter dogs to potential new owners.

The concept of the app is the same as the Tinder. Users flick through different available profiles and swipe right on the ones they are interested in.  The main aim of the app is to arrange a meet up between human beings and the four-legged companion.

How does the App works?

Just like on Tinder, the first thing the user sees is the dog’s picture and to know details one needs to scroll the profile.  Of course, the matching on this app is one-sided as dogs don’t get a chance to swipe.  The best part is human beings that their four-legged animal friend and dogs get a shelter.

Whoa! It’s something interesting. We wish it should also happen in India.

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